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13 Jul 2018

World Cup 2018 Round-up: Day 30

World Cup 2018 Round-up: Day 30

In the last episode before the champions's are crowned, we look back at the talking-points of the semi's and look ahead to the tournament's final act this weekend.

RealSport’s latest World Cup podcast is fronted by Jon Mackenzie. He’s joined by three other Kremlins in the Basement: Damian Burchardt, Oli Stein & Tomas Hill Lopez-Menchero.

In this episode of Kremlins in the Basement, the last before the World Cup Final, we discuss England's heartache as well as Croatian hubris as their nation made it to their first ever World Cup final.

We also analyse the other quarter-final between France and Belgium and look ahead to the two matches this weekend: the 'non-event' that is the third place play-off- England B vs Belgium B (take two) and the main event - the World Cup Final, France vs Croatia. 

Could we be in for a shock or will it all come to the fore just at the right moment for Les Bleus?

Full programme running order is as follows:

Semi-final review

Belgium vs France (2:10)

Croatia vs England (13:43)

Weekend preview

Third place play-off a 'non-event'? (Belgium vs England) (23:35)

The FIFA World Cup Final (France vs Croatia) (25:59)