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Twitch Founder Leaves Company


Since launching back in 2007, Twitch has become the biggest gaming streaming platform on the internet.

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The website now has over 3.8 million broadcasters who stream gaming and other content to the website.



Twitch first began back in 2007 as Justin.tv.

The site was focused on a wide variety of streaming categories, but after gaming started to take off the company began heavily focusing on the genre.


In 2011 the company was then rebranded as Twitch and continued to grow , attracting over 43 million monthly users in 2013.

The company was eventually acquired by Amazon and has only become more popular as streaming and the gaming culture has grown and evolved.

Industry Leader


In recent years the streaming and gaming industry has grown exponentially.

Today there are millions of gamers who regularly broadcast their gameplay and entertain viewers on Twitch, as well as other websites including YouTube and Facebook.

Some of the biggest streamers on the platform include Ninja, with other 16 million followers, and Tfue with over 9 million followers.

Recent Controversies

Twitch is known for not being transparent when it comes to rules and banning users.

In the past, streamers such as Alinity have broken many rules and appeared to get away with it.

While other streamers, such as Dr Disrespect, have been permanently banned from the website without any warning or explanation.


This has created a double standard among streamers, with many creators and viewers criticising the lack of transparency.

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Recently Twitch has been coming under fire by both creators and record labels for its use of unlicensed music.

In the past streamers have been able to listen to any music they want without consequence, essentially broadcasting it publicly in the same way radio does.

Now the record labels have taken notice and began issuing DMCA takedown notices to Twitch for the use of music without a license.

This has caused Twitch to hand out DMCA takedown notices to its users, resulting in bans of many streamers without warning.

Other streamers have removed every VOD from their channel to be on the safe side, as Twitch didn't communicate with the streamers first before banning.


Kevin Lin Leaves Twitch

After 13 years, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin has announced he is leaving the company.

In an announcement on The Medium, Kevin commented that he will be "spending time with family and loved ones, some sleep and relaxation, some fitness, and of course, a lot of video games."

In the announcement he also revealed that he is continuing to work in the technology industry.

"I'm so excited to stretch my curiosity and to continue exploring a world where technology is a positive amplifier in our lives. I will build again. I hope to create something as remarkable as Twitch again, to build with amazing people who will challenge me, and to make the world we experience better."