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Tekken is Getting an Anime on Netflix

If you're even slightly familiar with fighting games, you've heard of Tekken. One of the most influential franchises in the genre, Tekken has been letting players take out their friends in head-to-head combat for nearly 30 years and it's now entering the world of anime for the first time via a new Netflix show called Tekken: Bloodline.

The brand new show was introduced with a new look at the series and an interview with the ever-stylish Katsuhiro Harada who gave his thoughts on the show.

Tekken Bloodline Shown at Netflix Geeked Week

The latest in a growing line-up of animes based around video games, Tekken: Bloodlines is made in collaboration with the Tekken team and Bandai Namco and will showcase elements of the Tekken lore that has not yet been shown on screen such as the lives of Jin Kazama.

You can watch the full discussion with Katsuhiro Harada below

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