WWE Women’s Power Rankings: Week of October 4, 2017

See which women have made the biggest impact across WWE this week!

Rather than separating weekly power rankings by brand, RealSport is bringing Raw, SmackDown Live, and 205 Live together to see which stars are making the biggest impact regardless of brand! Here are this week’s rankings for the women of WWE!


    Even though she lost, at least she was on television this week. Number 10 will be the position that changes the most week to week. Even in losing, I find Emma far more entertaining than any of the women missing from the rankings this week. She is great in the ring and has put together a character that is easy to understand, which makes stories and matches work better overall.

  2. 9 BECKY LYNCH (=)

    It was great to see Becky in the ring this week even though it was in a losing effort. Becky and Charlotte have great chemistry together so it is always a delight to watch them team up.

  3. 8 BAYLEY (-1)

    Bayley has been teaming with Sasha a little more recently and all I can think of is “when are they going to turn on each other?” If that isn’t what this is building to, then WWE might be best served to separate the two into different stories as they are both more than capable of holding their own. WWE just needs to give them something they can work with.

  4. 7 MICKIE JAMES (+1)

    Mickie James picked up a DQ win this week and has clarified that she is next in line to challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship. It feels good to have someone who hasn’t had a shot in a while in the picture. Mickie is a tenured veteran with a lot in the tank. I think this will be a nice little feud to transition into whatever is next for Alexa Bliss.

  5. 6 NIA JAX (=)

    It was confusing that Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss seemed to be friendly again. Nia is either cunning or stupid. All she needs to do is destroy Alexa and get a championship opportunity one on one and the championship is all hers. This whole thing is a little difficult to get into.

  6. 5 CARMELLA (=)

    Carmella and Natalya picked up a nice victory this week. I’ve sung the praises of Carmella constantly recently and I will continue to. She plays the character she is given perfectly. I really hope that WWE let her cash in her Money in the Bank contract successfully as she's proven herself deserving in every facet of the game.

  7. 4 CHARLOTTE (-1)

    Charlotte is the best woman on the main roster, and she needs to carry the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship for a little while and legitimize it again. It is as simple as that.

  8. 3 SASHA BANKS (+1)

    Sasha Banks is in a weird purgatory. It is clear that she is the best woman to challenge Alexa for the championship, but she’s just been in the championship picture too much recently. Instead, she will have a bunch of transitional meaningless feuds which is disappointing for everyone involved. The fact that she is exceedingly talented still remains though.

  9. 2 NATALYA (=)

    Natalya is at number two just because she is the champion and picked up a win. I don’t want to continuously repeat myself and rag on Natalya. She has done an okay job as champion and I am glad she got this reign. She deserved it.

  10. 1 ALEXA BLISS (=)

    Alexa Bliss is great. I would never have expected her to be in this position back in her NXT days, but here she is. While the higher ups backstage are high on Alexa, I take nothing away from her; she deserves endless props for her hard work bringing her to the level she is at today. However, Asuka needs to squash her and take that championship at TLC.

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