WWE No Mercy 2017: 5 best moments

On a night with plenty of flaws, some moments still stood out as something great at No Mercy.

The only thing anyone wanted to talk about heading into No Mercy was the fact that it had two “WrestleMania-caliber” matches on a regular pay-per-view card. There was a lot of hype, and before the night started it mostly seemed worthy of the hype.

There was no denying the card had some truly special matches scheduled, and most of the matches themselves delivered. Unfortunately, those performances were tarnished by some anti-climactic decisions in the way many matches ended. Still, there were some great moments. These five stood above the rest as the highlights of No Mercy.

  1. 1 The Miz's record-setting title reign continues

    Before the quality of the night started to slip away, we got a solid opening contest with Jason Jordan taking on The Miz in his first-ever singles match at a PPV. While the match itself wasn't groundbreaking, it was a very good contest that did its job in starting the night off on the right foot. The Miz is always able to get the crowd engaged, win or lose, so it was a good way to get the crowd involved early.

    The Miz picked up the win after some classic heel tactics and an assist from the Miztourage and continues his record-setting reign. The Miz has passed Honky Tonk Man for cumulative days holding the Intercontinental Championship, and he remains one of the best things on Monday Night Raw. The Miz keeping the title can only be a good thing.

  2. 2 Alexa Bliss survives a chaotic Fatal 5-Way to retain

    The Raw Women's Championship was defended in a Fatal 5-Way Match that can only be described as a complete trainwreck, in the best possible way. Multi-person matches like this tend to be that way, and it featured enough chaos to showcase every competitor in their own way.

    Nia Jax came out looking strong despite the loss, and Alexa Bliss again looked like the opportunistic heel she has proven herself to be. With Asuka's debut on the horizon, Alexa is the best choice to face her and can continue to hold down the division in coming weeks with her excellent mic work.

  3. 3 Asuka's in-ring main roster debut is announced

    It says something about the night that one of the best moments was a short video package announcing something that's just under a month away. Of course, it also says something about the hype for Asuka's arrival on the main roster.

    After her nearly incomprehensible 523-day reign as NXT Women's Champion and unprecedented undefeated streak (one longer than Goldberg's), Asuka is a dangerous opponent who guarantees a huge shakeup of the women's division on Monday Night Raw.

    With a date set for her in-ring main roster debut, the entire women's division has been put on notice and Alexa Bliss has to worry if she's just keeping the championship warm until the Empress of Tomorrow pries it away from her.

  4. 4 Both WrestleMania-caliber matches impress, despite bland finishes

    If you completely ignore the way they ended, both of the "WrestleMania-caliber" matches at No Mercy were something special. Roman Reigns and John Cena put on a great match that, while a bit slow at times, told an excellent story of Cena literally throwing everything he could at Reigns only for The Big Dog to power through to a victory. The ending felt a bit sudden, and Cena's tease after the match means little because all fans know he's not leaving for good anytime soon. Despite that, the match itself was a great one.

    The night's main event felt relatively similar while being completely different. It was certainly nowhere near the wrestling match we got from Cena and Reigns, but it was a spectacle between two monstrous competitors. The match started fast and saw Braun Strowman absolutely dominate Lesnar with several impressive attacks. It made Lesnar feel human once again, and it continued to solidify the unstoppable nature of the Monster Among Men. Of course, that was all washed away when Lesnar finished off his foe with a single F5 to the confused disappointment of everyone.

  5. 5 Despite dental disaster, tag match steals the show

    There's no denying what the greatest part of No Mercy was, even though a specific part of it also ended up being one of the worst moments of the night. After trying to take a bite out of the ring post, Cesaro endured some severe dental damage and bled all over the place while he and Sheamus took Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to the absolute limit. It's no surprise that these four men gave us yet another spectacular match, but several things made this one feel extra special. Cesaro's damaged appearance added to the gritty nature of things, and his toughness was on display as the damage didn't slow him down at all.

    On top of that, Ambrose appeared to injure his shoulder early in the match. Hopefully, Ambrose's shoulder issues aren't serious, but it didn't stop him from continuing to put up one hell of a fight. It was a match filled with great moments, but the best came when Sheamus planted Ambrose with White Noise. Immediately after, Cesaro came crashing off the second rope and planted Rollins right on Ambrose with a huge powerbomb. It was a brutal impact that surprisingly didn't end things, but encapsulated how this was clearly the best part of No Mercy.

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