NXT: Five potential call-ups after SummerSlam and TakeOver Brooklyn III

With NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III and SummerSlam in the books, who in NXT could be headed to the main roster?

With NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III in the books, the landscape of NXT has been drastically altered by the outcomes and appearances throughout the night. Between the two massive title changes and the emergence of Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and ADAM COLE BAYBAY, it’s clear that yesterday’s NXT is not the same as today’s NXT.

With that turnover comes the potential for talent to be pulled from NXT and moved to the main roster, whether it be to Raw or SmackDown Live. It’s also important to consider the landscape of each brand following SummerSlam, and how an NXT superstar would fit in upon arrival. After Brooklyn III, these five stand out as the most likely to move up.

  1. 1 Bobby Roode (to SmackDown Live)

    The "Glorious" Bobby Roode lost the NXT Championship last night to Drew McIntyre in a grueling match. While he could still invoke his rematch clause, it's clear that Drew McIntyre already has other enemies to worry about. With Adam Cole's immediate focus going to the new champion, it leaves a chance for Roode to smoothly move on up without question.

    He could fit on Raw or SmackDown Live, but right now a great heel like Roode would be a better asset to SmackDown. Roode would make a great challenge for current US Champion AJ Styles, someone who Roode knows quite well because of their TNA days.

  2. 2 The Authors of Pain (to Monday Night Raw)

    For months, the Authors of Pain have managed to be one of the most dominant teams in recent memory. They plowed through every team that was placed before them. Most of the time, the massive pair simply overpowered and destroyed their competition.

    On the few occasions they were pushed to the limit, their manager Paul Ellering was on hand to give that well-timed distraction. While they could fit on either brand, coming to Raw and attacking a veteran team such as The Hardy Boyz could go a long way to establishing them on the main roster. With No Mercy coming up, a great match, whether on the pre-show or main show, would be to see the Authors of Pain go up against The Hardy Boyz.

  3. 3 Aleister Black (to SmackDown Live)

    This may seem like a quick move for someone who hasn't been in NXT nearly as long as some other competitors, but he's not missing a single thing. While Black hasn't done heavy mic work so far, it's his quiet confidence and violent style that makes him an immediate threat to all.

    Despite his short stint in NXT, Aleister Black already has a dominant presence and mystique to him. Moving him up quickly would keep that mystique intact and make him more of a threat upon arrival. With a spot clearly being vacated by Baron Corbin and talent like Randy Orton, Rusev, and Tye Dillinger to work with, Aleister could make his mark quickly on the blue brand.

  4. 4 Ember Moon (to Monday Night Raw)

    In a division that didn't have Asuka holding on to the top spot with an unbreakable death grip, Ember Moon would be the clear star. She's shown great appeal with the fans, an intensity in her promo work, and a spectacular skill set when in the ring.

    Ember came up short on her second try for the NXT Women's Championship, and at this point yet another rematch becomes much less likely. Ember also received a lengthy post-match sendoff from the crowd in Brooklyn. It may have just been the crowd's reaction leading it, but it felt like a thankful goodbye.

  5. 5 Asuka (to SmackDown Live)

    You might think I'm implying that either Asuka or Ember are moving to the main roster. You'd be wrong. I believe both are headed to the main roster sooner rather than later. Asuka sits still undefeated, she has been NXT Women's Champion for 500+ days, and her streak has eclipsed even Goldberg's.

    There's no one left in NXT's women's division for Asuka to face. She's beaten them all. Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, etc. Asuka has dominated all of them. Hanging around only to lose her streak when she's not this hot would be a mistake.

    Instead, Asuka should deem NXT's competition unworthy and move to SmackDown Live. In response, NXT General Manager William Regal would likely strip her of the championship. A new champion can be crowned in conjunction with the Mae Young Classic, and Asuka can manifest herself on Tuesday nights as a huge threat to newly crowned SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya.

Who do you think is leaving NXT and headed to the main roster? Let us know in the comments below!

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