Breaking News: Emma among 3 stars released by WWE

Breaking news hit today that WWE has released Emma, but what does this mean for Raw? Where could Emma be headed now?

Breaking news hit earlier today that WWE has officially released female superstar Emma, seen most recently at TLC and last week’s episode of Raw in a losing effort to the debuting Asuka. 

The news broke via WWE’s official twitter account, and links to an article on confirming the news that they have come to terms with her release. 

UPDATE 12:44 EST: WWE has also announced the release of Summer Rae and Darren Young. Stay tuned for more updates if WWE released more stars. While Summer Rae hasn’t been on television in months, Darren Young was cleared some time ago after recovering from an injury, but remained unused. This currently appears to be a mass release by WWE, rather than talents choosing to leave on their own, but stay tuned for more as this story develops. As this article was written when only Emma’s release had been announced, it focuses on what her release means and her future in wrestling. 

What does this mean for Raw?

The biggest question for WWE is how this could affect the women's division on Monday Night Raw. With Survivor Series only three weeks away and things in full Raw vs SmackDown mode, Emma could've been a likely addition to Raw's Survivor Series team that will be lead by the newly crowned captain Alicia Fox. 

This also is the second big name from Raw's women's division to leave, although under different circumstances. Emma has officially been released from the company, but news hit a few weeks ago that Nia Jax had been granted a leave of absence due to unhappiness with the direction of her character on television. 

With Emma released, Jax on leave, and Alexa Bliss tied up in a "Champion vs Champion" match against Natalya, this only leaves Alicia Fox, Asuka, Bayley, Dana Brooke, Mickie James, and Sasha Banks free to participate at Survivor Series. Summer Rae and Paige are still technically on the Raw roster, but neither has appeared in months. 

It doesn't leave Raw much wiggle room when it comes to Survivor Series, but it will be interesting to see how they react in the coming months to such talent departures. 

Where does Emma go from here?

The biggest question that hits when a talent leaves WWE is that of where we'll see them next. So far, there are no credible reports of a specific place that Emma will land, but several options come to mind. 

First off, it's important to note that this could've been entirely a personal decision by Emma, real name Tenille Dashwood, who has been with WWE since 2011 and has been competing for over a decade. The schedule in WWE is notoriously harsh, and Emma could be looking at a change in where she sees herself and her career. 

However, if she were to continue wrestling, this will be yet another name to have willingly left WWE, the recognized leader in the wrestling world due to their company's size, to compete in smaller independent promotions. 

When she got her start, Emma had a brief stint in Shimmer, one of the most recognized female-only promotions in the US. A return to Shimmer, or another all-female promotion like Shine, could be a good fit for Emma. 

If she's looking for closer counterpart to WWE in size and television reach, Impact Wrestling is an obvious potential landing spot due to their focus on their "knockouts division," the name for their women's division, and Impact's history of allowing talents to have greater creative freedom that WWE tends to. 

Lastly, Emma could delve into the general independent scene from the US to the UK and elsewhere. Progress Wrestling only recently crowned their first Women's Champion, and would be a powerful place to land if Emma is looking to make her mark on the indies. Only time will tell just what this means for her, but Emma could be the first female competitor to take the route that former WWE star Cody Rhodes has in leaving only to get more popular outside of the company so many see as the holy grail of success in wrestling. 

Where do you want to see Emma go from here? Let us know in the comments below!

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