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WWE Tag Team Power Rankings: Week of October 25, 2017

See which tag teams have made the biggest impact across WWE this week!

Rather than separating weekly power rankings by brand, RealSport is bringing Raw, SmackDown Live, and 205 Live together to see which stars are making the biggest impact regardless of brand! We’ve narrowed it down to the top five, so it’ll take a big impact to break into the list each week. Here are this week’s rankings for the top five tag teams of WWE! 


    The Fashion Files segments still haven't jumped the shark and consistently entertain everyone. With The Usos preoccupied with teams like Gable & Benjamin, Breezango can simple bide their time before challenging The Usos. The eventual clash is one the fans will be majorly invested in, but in the meantime Breezango can focus on their friendship with The Ascension. Either way, be prepared to laugh. 

  2. 4 THE BAR (-1)

    How hasn't The Bar being in the ring with The Shield gotten boring yet? They have had so many matches already, but I would still be fine with more. However, the right move would be to have both teams move on. The lack of depth of tag teams on Monday Night Raw is an issue right now. The Bar is above teams like The Club, The Hardy Boys, or anyone else, so what do they do? I don't know when The Revival is back, and NXT needs their tag teams at the moment. Where does The Bar go from here? 


    Interesting to see Chad and Benjamin cheating to beat The New Day this week. It feels too early to pull the trigger on a heel turn for the pair as they could be the perfect face competitors for The Usos. It feels like a double turn is coming, and to be brutally honest I'm against it. The Usos have been so good as heels and aren't anywhere near stale yet. This all feels too rushed for my liking.

  4. 2 THE USOS (=)

    The Usos are so good at sports entertainment. I can't even describe how excited I am to see them go against The Shield at Survivor Series. This is the one champion vs champion match that has been booked right. When two teams have established themselves as the undisputed pinnacle of their respective divisions, that is when they should collide. Boy, oh boy, am I excited for the best in tag team wrestling to go at it to decide who is the best duo in WWE. 

  5. 1 THE SHIELD (=)

    The Shield this week was like Queen for a while back when they would just have special guests try to fill in for Freddie after his passing. They have had two of the greatest performers in WWE history fill in for Roman in one week. They won a three against five match at TLC and then the very next night won a six-man tag match. The Shield are without a doubt the number one tag team this week. Even just the little things like Seth and Dean waiting for the SmackDown crew to come by only for Seth to come flying off some equipment box makes them look so smart and on a different level than the rest of the roster. Just great! 

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WWE Tag Team Power Rankings: Week of October 25, 2017

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