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WWE Power Rankings: The Return Of Rollins (26th May 2016)

With less than a week having gone by since Extreme Rules, it’s time to see how the cards feel within the world of WWE and who came out on

With less than a week having gone by since Extreme Rules, it’s time to see how the cards feel within the world of WWE and who came out on top after the most extreme night of the year. RealSport’s Weekly Power Rankings have been put together with opinions from several writers within RealSport based on the performance and storylines going on within WWE. Panel: Gur Samuel, Toby Durant, Patches Chance, Liam Shone, Declan O’Neil, Jamie Norgate-Campbell, Thomas Clapham  

1. Roman Reigns

(Last Week: 1) GS = 1, JN = 1, LS = 1, TC = 2, DON = 2, PC = 1, TD = 1 As JBL says, whether you like him or you hate him, you’re passionate about your opinion of Roman Reigns. The fact of the matter is that Roman is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. While he didn’t necessarily look to be on top by the time Extreme Rules went off the air, successfully retaining his championship in a brutal contest against the phenomenal AJ Styles keeps the leader of The Bloodline nested on top, but how long can he hold that spot?  

2. Seth Rollins

(Last Week: Unranked) GS = 4, JN = 2, LS = 2, TC = 1, DON = 1, PC = 2, TD = 2 The Architect has returned to the WWE in magnificent fashion, and in doing so he’s gone from completely off everybody’s radar to nearly dethroning Roman Reigns in this week’s Power Rankings. Seth Rollins made his presence felt at Extreme Rules by planting the champion into the mat with a Pedigree, and his moments on Raw combined with a future championship shot at Money in the Bank have Seth sitting pretty right now.  

3. Kevin Owens

(Last Week: 3) GS = 2, JN = 14, LS = 3, TC = 5, DON = 3, PC = 7, TD = 3 Despite an up and down week, Kevin Owens holds strong in the rankings this week. At Extreme Rules, the Prizefighter fell short in his pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship thanks in part due to his bitter enemy Sami Zayn. On Raw, Kevin Owens got an opportunity to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and did so by defeating AJ Styles in a spectacular Main Event to help him hold strong at #3 this week.  

4. Dean Ambrose

(Last Week: 7) GS = 8, JN = 3, LS = 5, TC = 12, DON = 6, PC = 3, TD = 4 Dean Ambrose is on the rise after an equally successful night on Raw and at Extreme Rules. Ambrose took Chris Jericho to the limit inside the Asylum Match including the re-emergence of thumbtacks much to Jericho’s pain. After defeating Jericho, Ambrose went on to defeat Dolph Ziggler on Raw to quality for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The Lunatic Fringe is on a roll, but can he keep his momentum towards Money in the Bank?  

5. Charlotte

(Last Week: 6) GS = 15, JN = 4, LS = 4, TC = 8, DON = 4, PC = 4, TD = 6 The WWE Women’s Champion has had a roller-coaster of a week, and one that not too many fans are exactly thrilled about. At Extreme Rules, Charlotte looked to be struggling against Natalya in a Submission Match. However, the distraction by newfound friend Dana Brooke allowed Charlotte to capitalize and recapture her championship. On Raw, an emotionally intense speech led to her disowning her own father, two-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair.  

6. Sami Zayn

(Last Week: 4) GS = 3, JN = 6, LS = 7, TC = 6, DON = 9, PC = 6, TD = 9 The Underdog from The Underground may have fallen a few spots on this week’s ranking, but he’s got plenty of opportunity on the horizon. Despite falling short in his pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship, Sami Zayn defeated Sheamus on Raw to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With Owens and Zayn both in the match, it appears their issues with each other are still far from over.  

7. Cesaro

(Last Week: 5) GS = 5, JN = 8, LS = 6, TC = 7, DON = 5, PC = 5, TD = 13 The Swiss Superman has gone from one emotional low to an emotional high, as he found himself pinned by The Miz and ultimately failed to capture the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules. However, Cesaro took on The Miz on Raw and pinned him to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With an Intercontinental Championship shot tonight on SmackDown, Cesaro could send his stock flying soon.  

8. The Miz

(Last Week: 8) GS = 9, JN = 5, LS = 8, TC = 4, DON = 7, PC = 10, TD = 7 The Miz may claim to be an A-lister, but he’s narrowly held on from sliding down the rankings this week. After escaping Extreme Rules with his Intercontinental Championship by picking up the scraps of Sami Zayn’s Helluva Kick on Cesaro, Miz went on to lose to Cesaro on Raw in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match qualifier. Now, he’s set to defend his championship against Cesaro on Raw. Can The Miz survive once again?  

9. Rusev

(Last Week: 13) GS = 11, JN = 12, LS = 10, TC = 3, DON = 10, PC = 8, TD = 10 The Bulgarian Brute has returned, and he’s done so with a vengeance. At Extreme Rules, Rusev took on Kalisto for the United States Championship. Not only did he defeat him, Rusev did so in dominant fashion. After nearly ripping Kalisto in half with The Accolade, the former champ was forced to tap out and crown Rusev as US Champ once agian.  

10. AJ Styles

(Last Week: 2) GS = 7, JN = 10, LS = 9, TC = 10, DON = 17, PC = 11, TD = 5 AJ Styles was riding high last week being only one spot shy of topping our list, but after a rough few days he’s tumbled all the way down to double digits. While AJ fought hard at Extreme Rules, he came up short against Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. On Raw, AJ had a chance to redeem himself by qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but failed to do so against Kevin Owens. What’s next for the Phenomenal One?  

11. The New Day

(Last Week: 11) GS = 6, JN = 13, LS = 12, TC = 9, DON = 8, PC = 9, TD = 14 The Double-U…Double-U…Eeeee…World…Tag…Team…Champions held strong this week after not only defeating The Vaudevillains at Extreme Rules by leaving The Social Outcasts laying in a pool of defeat and birthday cake on Monday Night Raw. With the tag team division heating up, who will emerge to challenge the almost unstoppable trio of The New Day?  

12. Baron Corbin

(Last Week: 17) GS = 12, JN = 9, LS = 11, TC = 11, DON = 12, PC = 12, TD = 16 Baron Corbin climbs the rankings this week after finally vanquishing Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules in a No Disqualification Match. While his manner of victory may not be liked by some, he still got the job done. Corbin had a brief confrontation with Ziggler on Raw, and apparently will square off against him next week in a technical wrestling match. How will The Lone Wolf handle this new challenge?  

13. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

(Last Week: 10) GS = 10, JN = 7, LS = 16, TC = 15, DON = 14, PC = 14, TD = 12 Two-thirds of The Club had an up and down night at Extreme Rules. While they handily defeated The Usos, they were unable to make enough of a difference in the main event to help AJ Styles come out on top against Roman Reigns. Now, after a heated discussion on Raw, it appears they’ve officially parted ways with former friend and Club-member AJ Styles. What’s next for Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson?  

14. Chris Jericho

(Last Week: 9) GS = 14, JN = 17, LS = 15, TC = 16, DON = 13, PC = 13, TD = 11 Chris Jericho had a rough night at Extreme Rules, to say the least. Not only did he fail to defeat Dean Ambrose inside of The Asylum, he later had to get more than 70 thumbtacks removed from his body. Still battered and beaten, Jericho challenged Apollo Crews, who’d been weakened by an attack from Sheamus backstage, to attempt to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Y2J came out on top, and now has his eyes set on Money in the Bank.  

15. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

(Last Week: 19) GS = 13, JN = 16, LS = 14, TC = 14, DON = 11, PC = 18, TD = 15 After a grueling few weeks hoping for Enzo Amore to recover, he finally made his triumphant return on Monday Night Raw to a raucous ovation from the crowd in Baltimore. Enzo showed off his Gift of Gab once again, and Big Cass went on to defeat Bubba Ray Dudley handily with the Empire Elbow. This beloved duo will no doubt have their eyes set on the WWE Tag Team Championships soon.  

16. Kalisto

(Last Week: 16) GS = 18, JN = 15, LS = 19, TC = 13, DON = 15, PC = 15, TD = 18 Kalisto has had a rough run as champion, seemingly only going up against the largest opponents anyone could find. Unfortunately, his speedy underdog prowess and luck came to an end at Extreme Rules, as Rusev proved to be too much for the former United States Champion. Kalisto will get a re-match for his championship on SmackDown, but can he flip the script against the Bulgarian Brute?  

17. Natalya

(Last Week: 11) GS = 19, JN = 8, LS = 13, TC = 17, DON = 19, PC = 19, TD = 20 Natalya certainly looked close to proving everyone wrong by defeating Charlotte at Extreme Rules, but unfortunately a distraction by Dana Brooke proved to be the difference maker as the last of the Harts came up short. What’s next for Natalya after coming up short once again in her pursuit of the WWE Women’s Championship?  

18. The Usos

(Last Week: 14) GS = 17, JN = 18, LS = 17, TC = 18, DON = N/A, PC = 16, TD = N/A The Usos inexplicable tie to Roman Reigns continued this week as they stuck by their family at Extreme Rules. While they did help keep Gallows & Anderson at bay and help Roman Reigns successfully retain his championship, they came up short against the duo earlier in the night. Without quick change, The Usos could tumble all the way off the rankings in no time.  

19. Dolph Ziggler

(Last Week: Unranked) GS = N/A, JN = 19, LS = 18, TC = 20, DON = 18, PC = N/A, TD = N/A The Show-Off is struggling to stay relevant after coming up short both at Extreme Rules and on Raw. Ziggler fell to Baron Corbin in a No DQ Match, but he also failed to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match after losing to Dean Ambrose on Raw. If he falls to Corbin against next week, Ziggler may not be able to hold onto a spot.  

20. Sheamus

(Last Week: Unranked) GS = N/A, JN = N/A, LS = 20, TC = N/A, DON = 20, PC = 20, TD = 18 The Great White seems to be more than a bit unhappy with his position on Raw as of late, and his failure to defeat Sami Zayn only seemed to make things worse. Sheamus assaulted Apollo Crews backstage before Crews’ match against Chris Jericho, and seems to be trying to stake his claim. Who will be the next victim of Sheamus’ reign of terror? Also receiving votes: Dana Brooke, The Vaudevillains, Apollo Crews, The Dudley Boyz  

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WWE Power Rankings: The Return Of Rollins (26th May 2016)

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