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WWE Power Rankings: Roman Reigns takes top spot

WWE POWER RANKINGSSo begins a new year for WWE, with Wrestlemania in the rear view mirror and the first RAW of the WWE calendar i


So begins a new year for WWE, with Wrestlemania in the rear view mirror and the first RAW of the WWE calendar in the books, we take a look at how the landscape of the WWE has changed. These rankings are subjective and are based on our own opinions, taking into account things such as win/loss ratio, fan reaction and superstar activity. The positions are worked out as such: each of our contributors choosing their top 20 superstars from the week, their standing is then based on a formula that works out where they should be ranked to give us a top 25. Without further ado, here are the first post Wrestlemania Power Rankings.

  1. Roman Reigns

TC 1, PC 1, TD 1, AG 1, LS 1, TS 1 Well he did it, with all the odds stacked against him, he beat Triple H at Wrestlemania in front of a record breaking crowd, and enters the first RAW of the year as the top man in the company. He showed he is a fighting champion, by offering to fight anyone and everyone, and put an exclamation on that point with a huge Spear to Chris Jericho.

  1. AJ Styles

TC 3, PC 2, TD 2, AG 2, LS 2, TS 2 In just a few months since joining WWE and debuting at the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles has had his first Wrestlemania moment, albeit a closely fought loss to Chris Jericho. In truly phenomenal style though, he rebounded from that loss to a victory on RAW in a fatal 4-way match, pinning Jericho, for the right to be the first challenger for Roman Reigns title.

  1. Charlotte

TC 2, PC 3, TD 4, AG 7, LS 6, TS 3 The first WWE Women’s champion has a nice ring to it, and that honour has been bestowed to Charlotte after her huge victory at Wrestlemania over Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. She managed to overcome incredible odds, with a little fatherly guidance, and remain the champion. On RAW she was officially honoured as the women’s champion, running her mouth until Natalya attempted to give her a lesson in humility, but as per usual The Nature Boy made the save.

  1. Chris Jericho

TC 5, PC 8, TD 3, AG 4, LS 3, TS 5 Chris Jericho was victorious last night at the showcase of immortals, proclaiming once again to be ‘the best in the world, at what he does’. It did however take a mid-air codebreaker to finally finish off AJ Styles. Hoping to build momentum, he was the first person out to challenge the new champion Roman Reigns, however ended up taking a spear for his troubles. To add to this he then came up short in the main event, being pinned by the very man he beat at Wrestlemania.

  1. Kevin Owens

TC 8, PC 4, TD 6, AG 5, LS 5, TS 7 Well K.O Mania didn’t exactly end well for The Prizefighter, after pushing the boundaries too far and ending up in a 7 man ladder match at Wrestlemania, although he put on a dominant performance Kevin Owens lost his Intercontinental Title to Zack Ryder. On RAW he looked to get straight back into the title picture in the main event for the number 1 contenders spot for the WWE Title, however he came up just short again. Although tellingly both of K.Os losses didn’t see him pinned.

  1. The New Day

TC 7, PC 7, TD 7, AG 3, LS 8, TS 4 It’s a New Day, yes it is, and after the beat down they received at Wrestlemania courtesy of the League of Nations, The New Day must have been happy when RAW arrived. With the Tag Titles on the line, they were able to overcome the League of Nations and keep hold of the gold. Don’t you dare be sour!

  1. Sasha Banks

TC 6, PC 5, TD 8, AG 11, LS 7, TS 9 Wrestlemania didn’t exactly go to plan for Sasha, in a match of the night candidate, she came up short in trying to pry the women’s championship from Charlotte’s. Unfortunately it was through no fault of her own, in was the fault of an interfering father. On RAW she was first out of the ring when Charlotte began to run her mouth. She also made a statement in a dominant victory over Summer Rae, the next challenger for that title will have to go through The Boss first.

  1. Dean Ambrose

TC 4, PC 13, TD 5, AG 8, LS 4, TS (NR) At Wrestlemania, Dean Ambrose took up a painful residency in suplex city, and I am not sure he enjoyed it. He gave his all, and used every weapon at his disposal, from Kendo Sticks to a Fire Extinguisher, however he came up short against The Beast Incarnate. He wasn’t present at RAW, so we can only imagine what he is planning next in the halls of the Ambrose Asylum.

  1. The Miz

TC 16, PC 6, TD 9, AG 9, LS 13, TS 10 The A-Lister truly showed how much Hollywood has affected his judgement. He had the match won for the Intercontinental championship at Wrestlemania, however his vanity and need for the spotlight meant he took too much time to gloat and had the title stolen from him by Zack Ryder. On RAW The Miz was feeling hard done by and ruined Zack Ryder’s title celebration, goading him into a match. Then with a huge distraction from Maryse, he was able to defeat Ryder and become the Intercontinental Champion.

  1. Cesaro

TC 11, PC 12, TD 16, AG 10, LS 9, TS 6 The Swiss Superman is back, and in a Velcro suit no less. Returning from injury to the first RAW after Wrestlemania, he was a late replacement in the main event. He showed no ring rust whatsoever and although he didn’t win, he is back and he means business.

  1. Kalisto

TC 13, PC 10, TD 11, AG 16, LS 11, TS 12 Kalisto kicked off the Wrestlemania Pre-Show with a successful title defence against the odds and against The Big Guy Ryback. He didn’t compete this week on RAW but the US Champion is a fighting champ, and so far a successful one at that.

  1. Dolph Ziggler

TC 9, PC 10, TD 10, AG (NR), LS 10, TS 13 Dolph Ziggler was another participant in the 7 man ladder match at Wrestlemania, and seemed to have superkicked the entire roster before the match was over, even tuning up the band at one point. He was unsuccessful in his title hunt, however on RAW he got right back on the horse. He faced a debuting Baron Corbin in a singles match, ending in a double count out. Things got worse for Ziggler, when Corbin hit End of Days on the outside of the ring.

  1. Sami Zayn

TC 10, PC 9, TD 15, AG (NR), LS 16, TS 8 Another member of the 7 man ladder match, and another strong showing from The King of Indies, but not quite enough to win him the Intercontinental title. On RAW he announced himself as part of the fatal 4-way for the chance to face Roman Reigns, however in the ensuing melee he seemed to injure his shoulder, and thus was out of the main event.

  1. Becky Lynch

TC 14, PC 17, TD 12, AG 12, LS 12, TS 20 Becky Lynch was part of historic women’s championship match at Wrestlemania and put on a very good showing against Charlotte and Sasha. Unfortunately the dream turned into a nightmare, when she was submitted by Charlotte and lost the chance at the title. On RAW she had the visible scars to show the war she had been in the night before, and when Charlotte ran her mouth, she very nearly came to blows with the champion. Watch her to get back into the race for the title sooner rather than later.

  1. Baron Corbin

TC 15, PC 14, TD 19, AG 11, LS 15, TS 11 Now that is how you debut at Wrestlemania. Baron Corbin had his first Wrestlemania moment, debuting and winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, eliminating Kane for the victory. He didn’t let that momentum slow either, because although he fought Dolph Ziggler to a double count out. He announced his arrival, hitting a huge End of Days on the arena floor.

  1. The League of Nations

TC 17, PC (NR), TD 13, AG 18, LS 14, TS 16 The Lads had quite an odd night at Wrestlemania, after defeating The New Day in a huge 6 man tag match, the celebrating, saying no three men could beat them. This brought the ire of Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Steve Austin, and after a through beat down The League were ran out of Dallas. On RAW they were rewarded with a title shot against The New Day, and after losing again, Sheamus decided that they needed a shakeup, Brogue Kicking King Barrett out of the group. To make matters worse, the arena went dark as the next team on the rankings arrived.

  1. The Wyatt Family

TC 12, PC 20, TD 14, AG 17, LS 18, TS 19 The Wyatt family did not have a good Wrestlemania, they confronted the Rock and goaded him into a match. Unfortunately that match was a 6 second victory over Erick Rowan. As they circled to attack though John Cena emerged from the back and helped the rock to embarrass the much maligned The New Day and destroying them. The New Face of Fear is alive and well.

  1. Zack Ryder

TC 18, PC 18, TD 17, AG 16, LS 19, TS 17 Long Island was on top of the world at Wrestlemania, it was his dream to hear his music played, so just imagine what went through his mind when he ascended the ladder, pushed The Miz off and claimed the Intercontinental Title. The celebration was short lived through, as on RAW he allowed The Miz to manipulate him into a match. A Match he would lose after a huge assist from Maryse.

  1. Apollo Crews

TC (NR), PC 19, TD (NR), AG 14, LS 20, TS 15 The Leader of The Apollo Nation has arrived. Making his long awaited debut on RAW, the NXT stand out had a singles match with fellow NXT Alumni Tyler Breeze. The match showed just how dominant Crews can be, and he made the entire roster takes note, that he is here to stay.

  1. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy

TC 20, PC 15, TD (NR), AG (NR), LS 20, TS 15 Enzo and Big Cass have arrived! The most popular tag team on NXT arrived on RAW and they were quick to announce this at the expense of The Dudley Boyz. Although they didn’t compete, they still managed to embarrass the Dudleyz and they put the division on notice. They can talk the talk, now let’s see them walk the walk.

  1. The Dudley Boyz

TC (NR), PC (NR), TD (NR), AG 19, LS 17, TS 19 D-Von and Bubba Ray found out at Wrestlemania the hard way that tormenting The Usos isn’t always the best idea. Not only did they lose, but they were put through a table each for good measure. On RAW they got their revenge in a tables match victory over The Usos. Their celebration was cut short however by the debut of NXT tag team Enzo and Big Cass, who nearly goaded them into a fight. The Dudleyz however used their better judgement and retreated to fight another day.

  1. Natalya

TC (NR), PC 11, TD (NR), AG 15, LS (NR), TS (NR) Natalya picked the winning team at Wrestlemania, and alongside Paige reminded us all of the hart foundation, utilising one of their signature moves. On RAW she was witness to Charlotte’s boastful rant, and when the other Women, Natalya confronted Charlotte. A brawl then ensued with Natalya locking in a Sharpshooter, before Charlotte with the help of her father was able to escape. There is a target on the champions, and Natalya is locked and loaded.

  1. Shane McMahon

TC (NR), PC (NR), TD (NR), AG 13, LS (NR), TS (NR) Shane McMahon is still as crazy as ever! He gave everything he had last night in The Hell in a Cell, including jumping from the top to try to defeat the Undertaker, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. He arrived on RAW to thank the fans for believing in him and was given temporary charge. With the Authority reeling, could this be a sign of things to come.

  1. Ryback

TC (NR), PC (NR), TD 18, AG (NR), LS (NR), TS (NR) Going into Wrestlemania as the favourite to dispose of Kalisto and claim his title, it can’t have been fun for Ryback when he was put away and pinned by the reigning champion. For all his talk before the event, his absence on RAW is a sign that bigger isn’t always better.

  1. The Authority

TC 19, PC (NR), TD (NR), AG (NR), LS (NR), TS (NR) Oh how the mighty have fallen. To say that Wrestlemania was a disaster is an understatement. The Authority threw everything at Reigns and still he became the new WWE Champion. Triple H will be feeling the effects today, as well Stephanie, who was the unfortunate recipient of a Spear from the Big Dog. To make matters worse, in their absence, Shane McMahon was placed in temporary charge of RAW. The winds of change, they are a blowing.                      

WWE Power Rankings: Roman Reigns takes top spot

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