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WWE Men’s Power Rankings: Week of October 18, 2017

See which men have made the biggest impact across WWE this week!

Rather than separating weekly power rankings by brand, RealSport is bringing Raw, SmackDown Live, and 205 Live together to see which stars are making the biggest impact regardless of brand! We’ve narrowed it down to the top five, so it’ll take a big impact to break into the list each week. Here are this week’s rankings for the top five male superstars of WWE!

  1. 5 THE MIZ (-1)

    It is great when WWE lets heels actually show a smart side. The Miz locking both The Bar and Dean and Seth out of the arena was super smart and makes you believe even if The Miz is outclassed in the ring by everyone in this feud he at least has some serious brain power to back him up. The fact that The Miz still has his Intercontinental Championship is great, however, the fact that the championship is irrelevant to this feud is a little disappointing as someone else could be doing something with it. Aside from that small gripe, The Miz is doing great work! 

  2. 4 JINDER MAHAL (-2)

    In theory, with the booking that Jinder has had, a matchup with Brock Lesnar wouldn't be farfetched at all. However, the fact that Jinder went from jobber to champion in such a short amount of time makes it hard to believe in this bout. The tragic fact is that it looks like AJ Styles will be fed to Jinder in a fruitless effort to lend him credibility. I am hard on Jinder sometimes, but I should merit him where it is due; he seems to be comfortable on the microphone and can harness the boos from the crowd. Rather than shrinking when booed he plays it up, and that is the sign of someone comfortable in what they are doing. Props to the Maharajah.

  3. 3 ROMAN REIGNS (=)

    Roman Reigns came out of the main event in the losers bracket, however that was due to outside interference. Before The Bar and Kane got involved, Roman looked great and was putting on yet another quality match with Braun. The chemistry between these two is electric, and it is a damn shame that Roman just can't be a true babyface. Just imagine these matches if you were desperate for Roman to pick up a win that would change a good match into an all-time classic. Also, it brings me joy to see Reigns having so much fun with his Shield brothers; the dude tries his best and it can't be fun to get booed all the time. 

  4. 2 BRAUN STROWMAN (+4)

    Braun looks great in these gimmick matches. He can showcase all of his talents with frightening brutality. Whilst it was nice to see Kane, it was also a bummer that Braun needed outside interference. However, it was so cool to see the pair next to each other standing over the beaten Roman. I'm curious to see where Braun goes after this feud because I can't see an obvious path for him at the moment, and that is when wrestling can be at its best. 

  5. 1 KEVIN OWENS (=)

    Kevin stays at the number one spot with the help of his best friend Sami Zayn. The dynamic between the two is great and to see them verbally savage Daniel Bryan together with so much joy was great fun. KO also showed that he is the man to go to if you need a few minutes improvised to kill time, his antics with Sami to close SmackDown Live was classic. Good times for these reunited besties. 

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WWE Men’s Power Rankings: Week of October 18, 2017

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