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WWE Mae Young Classic, Ep. 6: Round One, Part Two Recap & Results

Another strong set of matches for the Mae Young Classic.

Coming off the back of a strong collection of matches in episode five, the sixth episode of the Mae Young classic managed to showcase more variety than previous episodes had. From a cool contrast and strong character work from the Storm/Evans match to the hard hitting Yim, Bazsler contest. Here is your recap for episode 6 of the Mae Young Classic. 

Toni Storm vs Lacey Evans

This was match with strong character work, with a nice contrast between Lacey’s 1950’s strong independent woman characters to Toni Storms Motley Crue inspired persona. This was an evenly fought contest, with Lacey being given a good chance to show what she can do, notably with a Tiger Feint Kick around the ring post. Another notable spot in the match was Lacey countering Toni’s hip attacks, which got a good reaction from the audience. The match ended with Toni hitting her Okada-Esque Air Raid Neck breaker on Lacey for the pin. This match was designed to showcase the personas of these women, whilst also making Lacey look good as they obviously have placed a lot of stock in her going forward. Whilst Toni looked good, Lacey was really able to showcase her athleticism during this encounter. Toni’s strong character work always makes her matches at the very least enjoyable, and this match was arguably her best of the tournament.

Shayna Baszler vs Mia Yim

This match was easily Shayna’s best match of the tournament, and a great showing for Mia Yim as well. Mia was able to get some great offense onto Shayna, showcasing a variety of her Taekwondo inspired kicks. She also hit Shayna with a nice suicide dive early on in the match. Shayna replied with some stiff kicks of her own, as well as a nice looking gut wrench suplex similar to one you would see from Jeff Cobb. The hard hitting match ended when Mia Yim went for a 450 splash but had it countered into a rear naked choke for a submission victory to Shayna. Mia Yim looked impressive in this defeat and it would be a surprised if she is not on WWE’s radar after two good matches in this tournament. The most notable moment from this match was the post-match confrontation between the MMA Four Horsewoman and ¾ of WWE’s Four Horsewomen. The two groups did their respective poses whilst trash talking each other. WWE also released a video showing Ronda Rousey, flanked by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, challenging Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley to an encounter. This is a must watch moment of the tournament for the ramifications of what it could lead to. 

Dakota Kai vs Rhea Ripley

A Trans-Tasman battle, this was one of the more hard hitting matches of the tournament. Rhea sold really well for Dakota’s offense, whilst also looking impressive hitting some great dropkicks and a particularly brutal-looking electric chair face buster early in the match. Dakota executed a Prawn Hold that Zack Sabre Jr. would be proud of.  Both women countered each other’s offense; both hit their signatures in a very evenly fought contest. The finish came when Dakota reversed a superplex attempt into a Del Rio Double Foot-Stomp. Probably the match of this episode, the WWE would be excited at these two’s perspective careers after this match. Rhea Ripley is an incredible athlete for her size, whilst Dakota has a certain likable quality about her, similar to a 2015-2016 Bayley. A very enjoyable match between the Aus-Pacific rivals.

Candice Lerae vs Nicole Savoy

Probably the least impressive match of the 2nd round, these two still put together a decent performance. Nicole Savoy was able to utilize a wider range of suplex’s than she did in the first round, including one impressive spot where she managed to watch Candice mid-air and deliver a German. Nicole also hit a couple of nasty back suplex’s that saw Candice land right on her neck. The match strangely had a similar ending to the previous match, which saw Candice reverse a top rope suplex attempt into a swinging neck breaker.  This was a decent match, but not particularly memorable. Despite a lot of hype, Candice Lerae had a somewhat disappointing tournament, not being able to have a really memorable moment.

Quick Results

  • Toni Storm def. Lacey Evans
  • Shayna Bazsler def. Mia Yim
  • Dakota Kai def. Rhea Ripley
  • Candice Lerae def. Nicole Savoy

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WWE Mae Young Classic, Ep. 6: Round One, Part Two Recap & Results

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