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WWE Draft Pick #7: John Cena

With the seventh overall pick, SmackDown selects John Cena!

With the seventh overall pick, John Cena has been drafted by SmackDown!

John Cena is not only deserving but expected to be a top 10 draft pick for either show. He is a fifteen time WWE champion and has been the “Face that runs the place” for over a decade. He has perfected his career from his promos all the way to his amazing in ring style. Cena has gone from fighting Kurt Angle in his debut match to he doctor of thuganomics to the face of the company. this shows how he’s adapted throughout the years and helps to show why he’s one of the greatest of all time. Cena will help to mold young and new talent on Smackdown and will help to raise the popularity of superstar AJ Styles who was also drafted to Smackdown, and who knows we may get to see a 16th title reign.

WWE Draft Pick #7: John Cena

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