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WWE Draft Pick #21: American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

With the 22nd Overall Pick, Smackdown selects NXT's standout tag team American Alpha - Jason Jordan and Chad Gable!

Smackdown took the second NXT draft pick of the night, making a wonderful decision to take former NXT tag team champions American Alpha, otherwise known as Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. The pair of amateur wrestlers quickly took NXT by storm with their amazing athleticism and quirky personalities.

What our big board says:

  1. American Alpha – Chad Gable & Jason Jordan (NXT)

These two are perhaps the biggest success story for NXT. They were amateur wrestlers who came in with no pro wrestling under their belt and have developed into bonafide stars together. Jordan’s size and athleticism is counterbalanced by Chad Gable’s quirky humour and charisma, but Gable can go as well and may well end up as the better in-ring worker of the two. Their amateur background plus Gable’s Olympics appearance in 2012 have brought around plenty of comparisons to Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, as well as many a fantasy booked angle with Kurt Angle, but they are more than good enough to stand on their own two feet. They come in so high because they have the ability to rock the tag team division and could both be stars in their own right as singles competitors.

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WWE Draft Pick #21: American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

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