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WWE Draft Pick #2: Dean Ambrose

The WWE Champion goes number 2 to Smackdown!

There is it, the current WWE Champion Dean Ambrose goes number 2. The Lunatic Fringe who holds the big belt and is embroiled in a long and bitter feud with former Shield stable-mates Seth Rollins and Roman Regins.

What Our Big Board Said:

  1. Dean Ambrose

The current WWE champion is only #11. It’s odd I know but unfortunately Ambrose’s stock isn’t that high following years of disappointing feuds. In the immediate aftermath of the Shield breakup Ambrose’s feud with Seth Rollins was the highlight of 2014, his antics quickly won the crowd to his side but it almost seemed like WWE didn’t want him to catch on and so they started killing some of his heat. Time off for a film didn’t help and a run-in finish to the Rollins/Ambrose feud in 2014 left fans disappointed, especially when they quickly turned the Bray/Ambrose feud into a nothing series of dull gimmick matches. Ambrose got hot again when he crossed paths with Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Money in the Bank 2015 but again he couldn’t come away with the win and a lot of 2015 was spent playing sidekick to Roman Reigns’ feud with the Wyatts. This year he had a disappointing watch with Brock Lesnar and a gimmicky “Asylum” match with Chris Jericho before grabbing the Money in the Bank briefcase and finally getting one over on Rollins to become champ. It seems the WWE back office just don’t care for Ambrose at the top of the card – even the Battleground main event, where we finally get the Shield Triple Threat seems to be presented far more as Seth vs Roman than involving Ambrose. But that’s ok, because if it means more promos like the one he cut on Monday then I will be very happy.

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WWE Draft Pick #2: Dean Ambrose

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