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WWE Battleground: Predictions and Analysis

WWE Presents their annual Battleground event tomorrow night and it is already shaping up to be a historic night for the WWE Universe.

WWE Presents their annual Battleground event tomorrow night and it is already shaping up to be a historic night for the WWE Universe. All three main WWE titles are on the line on the night and could sensationally switch the brands that they were drafted to earlier in week. 

The night also boasts the most anticipated match in recent years as all three former Shield members finally collide for the WWE Championship, the night will also mark Roman Reigns’ televised return following his 30 day suspension last month. 

As ever the RealSport wrestling team are on hand to share their predictions ahead of the event and this months panel includes, Patches Chance, Mitchell Page, Phillipa Hopwood, Liam Shone, Dante Statum, Toby Durant and Fabio Militello. 

Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks and TBD

Phillipa, Dante, Liam, Mitchell, Fabio, Toby, Patches – Sasha Banks Team

Thoughts by Phillipa – Yet again WWE have missed an opportunity to put the Women’s Championship on the line at a pay-per-view, last month’s Money in the Bank event also saw a tag team match instead of a title match and Charlotte is now in breach of her 30 day title defence clause since she hasn’t defended her title since June 20th episode of Raw. The feud between these two women is still yet to go into first gear for me so hopefully whoever the partner is revealed to be will also already have a problem with Charlotte and Dana and this will be a worth addition to the card. It does feel like WWE are wasting time before Sasha is given her title shot at SummerSlam but if the partner is revealed to be Paige, Nikki Bella or even Bayley or Asuka then hopefully it will give her the edge heading into to SummerSlam season. After all the abuse Sasha has taken over the past few weeks, it should be her team to walk out the victors here. 

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs The Club ( AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)

Phillipa, Dante, Patches  – John Cena, Enzo and Cass

Liam, Mitchell, Fabio, Toby – The Club 

Thoughts by Toby – After putting on a terrific match at Money In The Bank the AJ Styles & John Cena feud has picked up some extras. That match included a run-in by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and so Cena needed some support or it was going to be 3-on-1 throughout – As it turned out the certified G Enzo Amore and Big Cass were more than willing to jump in the ring and back up Cena, giving us an intriguing 6-man tag match at Battleground that features a two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion with the three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions against Cena, the 15-time WWE champ and a very new tag team who have never held gold.

The platform that the wildly popular Enzo & Cass have been given here – getting to share the stage with guys who have headlined nearly every promotion around the world – is enormous and a testament to their connection with the fans and continually improving work in the ring. As we head toward Summerslam I wouldn’t be surprised to see these 6 spiral off into separate matches, with AJ & Cena having their final head to head and The Club taking it to Enzo and Cass. As a result I have no idea how this match will go, either team  could win but as the small man of the 6 I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Enzo take the pin on Sunday with Cena just missing out on the save.

The New Day vs The Wyatt Family 

Phillipa, Dante, Mitchell – The New Day 

Liam, Fabio, Toby, Patches – The Wyatt Family

Thoughts by Patches – For several weeks now, The New Day have found themselves as victims of the mind games played by Bray Wyatt and his brothers in The Wyatt Family. Xavier Woods seemed legitimately concerned, while Big E and Kofi have been pretty lax about the situation. Things culminated on Raw as we got to see footage of the two teams in a confrontation at The Wyatt Compound. While there was plenty of brawling, in the end the homefield advantage definitely allowed the Wyatts to get the upper hand.

Xavier Woods fought hard against Bray on SmackDown, but eventually fell victim to Sister Abigail. The Wyatt Family has momentum going into this match, and have their eyes on an eventual shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships, but how will the results of the draft play into that? Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan were both drafted to SmackDown, while Braun Strowman was drafted to Raw along with The New Day. Could this be the last time we see The Wyatt Family together as a unit? Or could they finally break the positivity of The New Day?

Natayla vs Becky Lynch 

Phillipa, Liam, Fabio, Toby, Patches, Dante – Becky Lynch 

Thoughts by Liam – These two will finally get their hands on each other at Battleground, over a month after Natalya betrayed her so-called friend after they lost to the team of Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Since that fateful night, the two haven’t faced off one-on-one. They’ve brawled, attacked one another and thrown mud every chance they’ve gotten with a reporter. Their bitter rivalry ends this Sunday when the two finally clash.

Rusev w/Lana vs Zack Ryder – United States Championship Match 

Phillipa – Zack Ryder 

Liam, Mitchell, Fabio, Toby, Patches, Dante – Rusev

Thoughts By Liam – The Broski vs The Brute. These two will finally clash one-on-one for the title this Sunday. This whole feud began when Ryder was riding a huge wave of momentum after beating Sheamus clean on Smackdown two weeks ago. Being all Hyped up, like always, The Long Island Iced Z then challenged the Bulgarian brute to match for his title, and Rusev was more than happy to accept. Which way will this one go? Well, if Rusev’s recent ruthless run of submission wins are anything to go by, the Broski will being stopped dead in his tracks when he taps out to the Bulgarian Brute’s savage accolade.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

Phillipa, Liam, Mitchell, Fabio, Toby – Sami Zayn 

Dante – Kevin Owens

Patches – Draw

Thoughts by Patches – As the WWE Draft was nearing, it looked like Battleground might be the final confrontation between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for quite some time if they were drafted to separate brands. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen. Both Owens and Zayn were drafted to Monday Night Raw, and it appears the years-long rivalry between the two won’t be on hold any time soon. With that in mind, there is a high likelihood that this continues into SummerSlam. Owens and Zayn are both very well liked names, and should this conclude (for now) at SummerSlam, we can expect a high-intensity match that will no doubt bring a special stipulation into the mix.

With all of that in mind, don’t expect a this specific confrontation between Owens and Zayn to end without controversy. The one thing you can be sure of is an excellent match between them. Owens and Zayn know each other incredibly well, and their friendship turned rivalry means they always pull the best out of each other. If it’s given a decent amount of time, this has the potential to rival the Main Event for being match of the night. Get used to seeing these two, though. This is far from over.

The Miz w/ Maryse vs Darren Young w/ Bob Backlund

Phillipa, Mitchell, Dante – Darren Young

Liam, Fabio, Toby, Patches  – The Miz  

Thoughts by Mitchell – After proving his worth by winning the battle royal on Raw, Darren Young could well be on his way to being great again with the help and training from Bob Backlund if he can win the Championship from The Miz this Sunday.

The Miz will be hoping to be able to retain his Intercontinental Title against Young by any means necessary. Even if that means his wife Maryse gets involved in some sort of way ringside. Luckily, the challenger has the WWE Hall Of Famer in his corner to help keep an eye on things and make sure the match stays clean without any cheating going on.
I think with Bob Backlund in his corner and potentially being on his way to being great again, Darren Young will win this match.

The Highlight Reel with Special guest Randy Orton 

Thoughts by Patches – While it’s not a match for the night, we do know that we can expect an edition of Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel as “The Viper” Randy Orton will be the featured guest. Orton has been out of action since October of 2015 due to shoulder injury, and setbacks during his rehab have pushed his return back on more than one occasion. That return is finally set to take place, and Orton has his first opponent on the horizon as he’ll take on “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

While Lesnar has been dominating the media cycle because of his return to UFC and subsequent failed drug tests, Randy Orton has fallen relatively under the radar aside from being drafted to SmackDown earlier this week. Orton will surely address his injury and the upcoming match, but it’s unclear how much he’ll comment on regarding Lesnar. One more unknown is Paul Heyman, who is currently in a contract dispute with the WWE. If they can get things worked out, Heyman may make an appearance to push the upcoming match at SummerSlam.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns – WWE Championship triple threat 

Phillipa, Mitchell, Dante – Seth Rollins

Liam, Fabio, Patches – Dean Ambrose

Toby – Roman Reigns 

Thoughts by Fabio – WWE couldn’t wait until SummerSlam to give us the dream match we’ve all been waiting for. The long awaited Shield Triple Threat match has finally come to fruition. An event this big surely deserves a spot at the second biggest PPV in August, but if WWE officials have something equally as important for SummerSlam, I’m sure that’s totally fine with us! The match has been thrown into a dark, unknowing abyss since the controversy that saw Reigns suspended for failing the wellness policy – which has undoubtedly put an interesting twist on the match overall. This indicates that Reigns winning the title is unlikely, unless WWE want to do a Reigns heel turn – which is what a lot of fans have been clamouring for. I think Ambrose will retain the title by clean pinning Reigns, leading to a Rollins – Reigns feud on Raw (now that they are part of the same promotion) in order to determine who gets a second shot. If they took the belt of Ambrose now, it would mean he was nothing but a temporary title holder, and he deserves so much more than that.

WWE Battleground: Predictions and Analysis

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