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WWE 205 Live Preview: No disqualification (29 August 2017)

The Brian Kendrick faces Jack Gallagher in a no disqualification match. Will The Gentleman triumph or does Kendrick have other plans?

No disqualification

It is no secret that The Brian Kendrick is a typical example of American grit and a true story of redemption, but his berating of the great nation of Britain has gone overboard. Kendrick has been mocking the British nation, calling them clowns, and saying Gentleman Jack Gallagher is a prime example of that.

Gallagher has not taken things sitting down in his usual composed demeanor, but rather unleashed a brash hooligan once provoked. Kendrick feared for his safety as he was being assaulted in his own game, which is why he issued a challenge in Gallagher’s own game of a Gentleman’s Duel.

After Gallagher answered the call to duel, only to be faced by a real life clown, Kendrick snuck up and assaulted the Englishman from behind and put him through a table. The Brian Kendrick then challenged Gallagher to a no disqualification match this week on 205 Live.

Kendrick is known to thrive in these kinds of matches but history has shown that he can be defeated. What plan does the former cruiserweight Champion have for his English adversary?

These past few weeks we have seen a different side to the usual placid demeanor of Gallagher as he snapped from the consistent provocation and mind games by Kendrick. Will this aggressive side prove to be helpful in tonight’s no DQ match?

The realest show in the room

Enzo Amore announced his arrival on the land of the cruiserweights last week when he confronted Cruiserweight Champion Neville. Last night on Monday Night Raw, the Certified G made his successful debut below 206 lbs when he defeated the Noam Dar. 

Neville seems to not take the new arrival seriously. He stated in a backstage interview last night on Raw that if Enzo Amore is considered the closest thing to a worthy challenger, then Neville would hold his title forever.

Enzo has not clearly stated his intentions yet, other than making his surprise arrival and stating he can keep up with the division’s top performers.

What does the Certified G’s arrival really mean for 205 Live? Is he worthy of challenging the King of the Cruiserweights?

Also notable…

We do not know where the feud between Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander is heading, but with the addition of Drew Gulak in the mix, this might become a major storyline in the future. Let’s just make sure Nese doesn’t end up eating the loss again.

The rivalry between TJP and Rich Swann must find a way to limp out of the storyline that WWE creative has placed them in, as the Fil-Am Flash is reported to be injured. Will Ariya Daivari’s involvement in this feud allow this story to reach its conclusion?

The luchadors have been seeing better days as of late, as Gran Metalik has managed to make a good team with Cedric Alexander while Lince Dorado is more prominently appearing in backstage segments. Should this be the time to add more masked superstars to the division and who should it be?

What do you think will happen in tonight’s 205 Live? Let us know in the comments below!

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WWE 205 Live Preview: No disqualification (29 August 2017)

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