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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Rick Flair on the mend, WWE’s plans for New Day, WWE Banning beach balls and much more!

This week, we have a selection of rumours fresh from the rumour mill all rounded up in one convenient article!

Ric Flair’s health is improving

Perhaps one of the most important “rumours” of the round up – an update into the health of Ric Flair. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (by way of 411mania.com), Ric Flair remains hospitalised. However, doctors have said things are looking more and more optimistic by the day. He is now conscious, able to talk to his family and is said to be gaining his strength.

Flair has an infection that requires his kidneys to be functioning in order to overcome it. At the moment he is using an external pacemaker, but will likely get surgery to get an internal one. We wish Ric Flair and his family all the best in these troubling times!

WWE bans beach balls at all future events

Yes, WWE are still intent on keeping their “pettiest wrestling promotion” title! According to PWInsider.com, the WWE have made the decision to bannot only beach balls, but all pool-related paraphernalia from their future shows and events. This decision was made following a “number of incidents” involving beach balls being thrown around at SummerSlam and Monday Night Raw. During the SmackDown Live event at the Barclays centre, it is reported that some spectators bounced beach balls out into the crowd in order to get them circulating, but these were quickly confiscated by security staff.

WWE’s future plans for The New Day

WWE really seem to be building up The New Day – and it doesn’t look like the wheels are going to fall off this hype train anytime soon. Recently, the WWE put the belts back on the New Day, and this was done for multiple reasons. One was to keep them the longest reigning tag team champions in the WWE, but according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter (by way of 411mania.com), this is also to make them become the greatest tag team in the WWE of all time. The end goal is to have their accolades include the longest reigning tag team title holders of all times, and the most title reigns of all times. At the moment, the record is tied by The Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian, who each have seven title reigns each. The New Day are on three. What are your thoughts about The New Day breaking this record as well?

Lana and Rusev comment on asking the WWE for their release

CJ Perry (also known as “Lana”) has responded to a fan who tweeted out to her asking if she had supposedly asked for her release from the WWE. She responded with “That’s called don’t believe the pathetic villagers that pretend that they are ‘journalist’ with real facts… hahahahahah!!!!” 

At the moment, Rusev lost to Randy Orton at SummerSlam in less than 5 seconds, and Lana is working an angle where she is trying to make Tamina the WWE Smackdown Women's champion.

What wrestling rumours caught your eye this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Rick Flair on the mend, WWE’s plans for New Day, WWE Banning beach balls and much more!

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