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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Randy Orton to return as a heel at SummerSlam?

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Will Randy Orton return to WWE as a heel at SummerSlam? Now that Brock Lesnar’s opponent at the pay per view has been announced as the elusive Randy Orton, who has been on a WWE in-ring hiatus as of late – there is speculation going around that he will return as a heel. This feud has such potential, with Brock and Randy both coming up together from OVW, and both being WWE’s youngest ever champions, they know the ins and outs of each others dynamics, and we are sure to have a great match, regardless of what version of Randy returns to our screens at Summer Slam!

Speculation has been going around for the opponent Rusev will surely have to face at Battleground. Many people believe that the feud between O’Neill and Rusev has now come to an end, and the new favourite to attempt to nab the US Title will be none other than the former United States Champion – Zack Ryder. Ryder has come back into the main roster picture when he won the IC Title at Wrestlemania this year, and also played a big role in Team USA winning the elimination match on the Fourth of July episode of Raw. So it is definitely plausible that may be in the new United States title picture – and seeing as the crowd seem to get behind him whenever he is in the ring, he definitely deserves a shot!

Brock Lesnar is expected to beat Randy Orton at this year’s SummerSlam, which would not bode well for the returning superstar. After his monumental victory at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt, it would only make sense that he continues his run of victories into the WWE by winning his annual Summer Slam match. If this does turn out to be the case, this is a big hint in showing what lies in store for the superstar coming off the brand split in the not too distant future.

Zack Sabre Jr – Britain’s homegrown superstar who is being called the “Worlds best technical wrestler”, is a big favourite to win the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. The RevPro British Heavyweight Champion is being reported by DailyWrestlingNews.com to be the favourite to win, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to most who have watched him over the last couple of years. Many people believe we will see a Zack Sabre Jr vs Kota Ibushi final, which would be an amazing match – but it’s a long way to go before we see that.

Indy American-Football-Player-Turn-Wrestler “Moose” has supposedly been snubbed by the WWE who offered to sign him into their ranks – and is now taking offers from other promotions. Due to a domestic violence case he was involved with in 2009, the pro wrestling powerhouse known in RoH as “Moose” has been pulled out of the deal. Reports from cagesideseats.com state that Moose is considering offers from companies such as TNA, Ring of Honor (again), AAA and even Lucha Underground, and will hopefully make his mind up about his future this week. Moose has had an amazing career so far as a pro wrestler, since he switched from being a football player for NFL teams such as Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and St Louis Rams to name a few!

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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Randy Orton to return as a heel at SummerSlam?

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