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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Latest on Lesnar’s UFC return and an ROH stable forming in NXT

This weeks roundup has some wild rumours about an ROH stable in NXT, news on McMahon's reaction to the Nakamura botch, and much more!

WWE considering a Ring of Honor stable in NXT

Stables in the WWE are a rare sight, whereas in Japan, it seems every single wrestler belongs to one stable or another. Stables are a great way to add another layer of storyline excitement and set up so many matches without the need to delve too deeply into a backstory. So, you can see why this is so exciting! SAnitY seems to be the only “stable” in NXT that is over, but according to PWInsider (via wrestlinginc.com), the WWE is thinking about an ROH stable!

While no names were mentioned, the obvious ones would be Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly – who both made their debuts earlier this month. They set the independent wrestling world on fire with reDRagon, and it’s likely that the WWE wants a piece of that action. Roderick Strong would be an obvious choice considering he was once known as Mr. ROH. Kassius Ohno could also fit the group, and even Tommaso Ciampa would be an option once he returns from injury. Do you like the idea of a Ring of Honor stable in NXT?

Brock Lesnar eyeing up the UFC for a return

Again? Brock Lesnar is one of very few athletes who has dominated both the MMA world and the Professional Wrestling world. He has held belts in the WWE and the UFC, however, there could be a chance he wants to go back to the UFC. Lesnar has a very unique contract with the WWE, which allows him to basically do whatever he wants.

A new report of Wrestlinginc.com states that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar were seen at the UFC headquarters to negotiate a potential return for Brock. Lesnar’s temporary suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs expired earlier this month, and he is free to return. If this is the case, Lesnar will probably drop the Universal Championship at SummerSlam 2017 – but nothing has been confirmed. Are you excited to see Lesnar back in the UFC once again?

Vince McMahon’s anger regarding the Nakamura botch

I don’t see why? Apparently, when Nakamura and Cena clashed last week, Shinsuke dropping Cena on his head was a “botch”. I saw Cena selling a suplex, but one man didn’t. Sports Illustrated has reported that Vince McMahon was absolutely livid over the incident – especially because Cena is still very much the money-maker face of the company. 

However, do not panic! The report also states that McMahon has not lost faith in Nakamura, and will continue his push. Let’s hope that Nakamura does not go full NJPW during a match again whilst he is working for the WWE, because Vince McMahon will most definitely change his opinion on Shinsuke! Honestly, what did they expect when they signed “The King of Strong Style”?

What are your thoughts on today’s hottest rumors? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Latest on Lesnar’s UFC return and an ROH stable forming in NXT

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