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What you need to know about… Enzo and Cass

What you need to know about……Enzo Amore & Colin CassadyWho are they?Enzo Amo

What you need to know about……Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

Who are they? Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady, ‘The Realest Guys in the Room’, debuted separately on NXT, both in losing efforts to Mason Ryan. They quickly formed an alliance and began competing as a team, picking up their first victory in July 2013. Before NXT, Colin Cassady had been competing in World Unpredictable Wrestling as Big Bill Young, and then later signed for Florida Championship Wrestling as Colin Cassady. Enzo Amore was the polar opposite to this, without any independent wrestling experience he was training out of a gym in New Jersey. As luck would have it, Triple H was training in the same gym, and after Enzo created him a compilation video, he was given a try out and was subsequently signed to NXT. Since becoming a team, Enzo & Big Cass have gone from strength to strength in both their popularity and ring chemistry. Originally they very much played the little guy who gets beat up, and the big guy who saves the day, however more recently they have really shown how far they have come as a tag team. Their promo work has always been their strength and it seems to get better every week. Now their entrance music hits and the entire crowd is on their feet and joining in. Who have they fought? Enzo & Cass have fought a who’s who of the tag team division with battles against tons of funk, Alexander Rusev, CJ Parker, Tyler Breeze, The Ascension, The Lucha Dragons and the Vaudevillians. Their biggest feuds however have been with The Legionnaires, Blake & Murphy and The Revival. Their first big feud began with The Legionnaires, when Big Cass was attacked while Enzo was out with a training injury, however he made the save just in time. Later that year, The Legionnaires attacked Enzo & Cass again, shaving part of Enzo’s signature beard. The feud would come to an end when Enzo challenged Sylvester Lefort to a hair vs hair match, which Enzo subsequently won, however Lefort ran from the ring, leaving his Partner Marcus Louis to lose his hair, ending the rivalry. Due to this feud they started working with their manager Carmella. It was due to this new arrangement that they began their next feud with Blake & Murphy, the tag team champions. The feud heated up as they attempted to woo Carmella, while insulting Enzo & Big Cass. This all came to a head at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, when after defeating the Lucha Dragons to become number 1 contenders, they faced Blake & Murphy for the titles. They came up short due to an interference from Alexa Bliss, who had begun working with Blake & Murphy. Their next rivalry was their most bitter, and as it turned out final rivalry with NXT. This rivalry was fought with the then tag team champions, The Revival. Enzo & Big Cass with their flamboyant style didn’t go down well with The Revival and they weren’t shy about showing this. They attacked Big Cass and attempted to injure his knee, and also attacked Enzo outside the WWE performance centre. They have battled twice for tag team gold, once at NXT Takeover: London, and then at WWE Roadblock, both teams first match on the main roster, with The Revival Winning both Enzo & Big Cass became The NXT nearly men, coming so close to winning the titles, but never quite doing it. This didn’t stop them becoming the most popular team in NXT history, and they were named NXT tag team of the year at the 2015 NXT awards. How do they fit on the main roster? The main roster tag team division is becoming quite stagnant and Enzo & Big Cass have arrived just at the right time. Their reaction on RAW said it all when they arrived the first night after Wrestlemania. The entire crowd was on its feet, joining in with every word that came out of their mouth. The worry that the more casual fan may not have been exposed to them seems to be not a worry at all. To have the audacity to aim your opening promo at the Dudley Boyz too, shows they are here to make waves. No team has been able to touch The New Day in terms of their promo ability, so whenever mics are involved it is usually a on sided battle. This however will soon come to an end as we have seen that Enzo & Big Cass have the mic skills to go toe to toe with anyone, and the wrestling ability to back it up. With comparisons to such legendary teams as The New Age Outlaws, look for them to light a fire under the tag team division, and don’t be surprised if they are wearing the gold sooner rather than later. How You Doin? Oh and if you disagree, then Big Cass has 1 word to describe you, and he’s going to spell it out for you! S.A.W.F.T, SAWFT!!

What you need to know about… Enzo and Cass

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