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The Rebirth of Roman Reigns

How could WWE salvage the seemingly plummeting stock of Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns. He’s the guy, right? The one Vince McMahon himself seemed to handpick to be the new face of the company? Well, that failed. Horrendously.

He was on a slippery slope since he lost the title at the Royal Rumble, with the WWE Universe predicting the outcome of the WrestleMania main event from that point on. Triple H was unbelievably favoured by the crowd as Vince continued to push Roman down their throats. And if there’s one thing the WWE Universe hates, it’s being told who to love. And then, the final nail was put in Roman Reigns’ coffin.

A returning Seth Rollins, a man so desperately missed by the WWE Universe, came back and stole the spotlight after Roman overcame AJ Styles. Seth returned, hit the pedigree on a celebrating Roman and instantly became the fan-favourite. It seemed set in stone that Rollins would reclaim the title he never lost at the next Pay-Per-View, which he did, but it was the shocking revelation the night after which seemingly sealed Roman’s fate.

Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days for his first violation of WWE’s Wellness policy.

The fans that wanted him gone from the main event scene got their wish, and gave Vince McMahon a real reason to lose all his faith he put in the Samoan star. Roman had it all, and he threw that right down the drain. So, on his return to the ring at Battleground, could we be witnessing the rebirth of Roman Reigns?

It’s time to confront that massive elephant in the WWE room and turn Roman into the brutal bad guy he really needs to become. Roman is the only member of the Shield who hasn’t really developed his own personality. He still uses a very, very close recreation of the Shield’s entrance, as well as keeping the body armour and long cargo trousers. This is where the key changes can be made.

Roman finally needs his own entrance music and his own attire. And what better way to debut a new, more hardcore look than doing so after a suspension? We all know Roman is a tough guy, the muscle man. So, why not allow him to showcase this? Have him wear plain black trunks (except for his logo on the back), tie his hair up (or, go all out and cut the hair) and lower cut boots. Also, Roman should really spend less time on the microphone.

The WWE creative didn’t exactly help him out, giving him lines such as suffering succotash and referring to other wrestler’s testicles as tater tots. Yikes. If Roman were to return and turn Heel, he must address the boo’s and even mention his suspension. This is the easiest way to get him heat with the crowd and certify himself as the bad guy.

Who knows, this may even result in a double turn and have a certain Seth Rollins start pandering to his adoring fan base… If we see even some of these changes, we may be lucky enough to witness the rebirth of Roman Reigns.

Liam Shone

Liam is a WWE/Football writer for the site and supports the Oakland Raiders and Liverpool FC. He's been writing for Realsport since March 2016 and began a degree in Sports Journalism in September 2016 at Southampton Solent University.

The Rebirth of Roman Reigns

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