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SmackDown Live Recap & Results: Cena Quiets Corbin

SmackDown Live came to Cajun Country this week, and we had a packed show as always. Did Corbin slay Cena? 


It wasn’t just Nikki Bella getting thrown into a garage door by Natalya before their match that scared me, and it wasn’t just Natalya punching Nikki square in her neck on the ramp (also before the bell rang) that scared me. It wasn’t just Nikki leaping at Natalya on the ramp with no regard for her life that got scared me. All of it scared me, including all the serious beatings she has taken since she came back into the scene a few months ago.

Like Sasha Banks, Nikki seems to like getting hit, and throwing her body into situations that normal people would never do, not even considering the fact she had career threatening neck surgery early last year. Popular opinion says Nikki’s time is up, just like her beau John Cena. Also like Cena, Nikki believes that her time is now. I’m happy to have Nikki back in our lives; I just want her to stay healthy. If she took less huge bumps every week, she may have a chance at a long career like her boyfriend had, but the way things are going, she may be more on the path of her brother-in-law, Danial Bryan.

New Dolph, Same Results

After Dolph Ziggler turned heel last week by attacking Kalisto, and then Apollo Crews, I expected him to go on a hot streak of wins, something that he has rarely found during his career in WWE. As it turns out, whatever the crowd thinks of him doesn’t matter, as he is just destined to lose. After his pinfall loss to Kalisto, Ziggler attacked him with a chair, only to be intercepted while walking back to the locker room by Apollo Crews.

Naturally, Heel Ziggler beat the shit out of him with that same chair, which follows Dolph’s narrative he’s been on for a long time: he will lose, lose, and lose again, but somehow he always stays compelling, and you end up looking forward to what comes next, even though it will never be the Heavyweight Championship. Perhaps he can string together a few wins, starting with what will most likely be a match with Apollo Crews in the near future. Baby steps, I suppose.

A Wyatt House Divided?

American Alpha escaped their Tag Team Championship rematch against The Wyatt Family with an odd end to the match. Usually, when there are weird communication issues between a tag team, there are reasons like accidental contact, blind tags, outside interference, ref distractions, etc. When Luke Harper cost the Wyatts the match, he really had no reason to be in the ring, which makes for, well, crappy storytelling.

That is small semantics, as it seems Randy Orton is finally going to turn on the Wyatts, which will hopefully culminate in a Royal Rumble moment between the three (and perhaps an Erick Rowan return?). As for the champs, American Alpha will go on to face tag teams that aren’t only together to eventually be broken up. If it’s the Usos, Breezango, or the Hype Bros, it’s going to be a little while until AA is truly challenged again.

SmackDown Live Truly Is Awesome

Before the main event, it was announced Alexa Bliss will defend her Woman’s Championship in a cage match next week against Becky Lynch. Every week, it seems there is something epic to look forward to. Last week, we saw Dean Ambrose win the Intercontinental Championship. This week, we had the aforementioned Tag Team Championship rematch, and then of course, this fantasy main event.

Ever since Baron Corbin won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Dallas last year, the sky has been the limit for him. If it wasn’t for the brand split, who knows how far he would go. But the brand split did happen, and less than a year from that WrestleMania moment, he is main eventing with the Franchise, John Cena. And it was actually a great match!

I’m happy it was a clean ending, and as a cynical fan, I did not expect that, especially with AJ Styles on the commentary booth. Any other loss may have buried Baron Corbin, but when you lose to the best, it’s hard to take a serious drop down the ladder. I’m not sure where Corbin goes from here, but if you’re selling his stock low, I’m buying all of it.

Instant Recap

  • The Ambrose Asylum feat. The Miz & Maryse
  • Nikki Bella vs Natalya ended in a No Contest
  • Kalisto def. Dolph Ziggler (via pinfall)
  • WWE Tag Championship Match: American Alpha def. Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton) (via pinfall)
  • Carmella def. CJ Lunde (via submission)
  • John Cena def. Baron Corbin (via pinfall)

What were your thoughts on this week’s SmackDown Live episode? Let me know in the comment section!


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SmackDown Live Recap & Results: Cena Quiets Corbin

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