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SmackDown Live Preview: Will Shinsuke Nakamura seek revenge?

The King of Strong Style is always ready for a fight but he did not anticipate the importance of the Singh Brothers in protecting Jinder Mahal's WWE title reign.

Will Shinsuke Nakamura seek revenge?

Last Sunday at SummerSlam, Shinsuke Nakamura came close to winning the WWE Championship if it wasn’t for the aid of The Singh Brothers in protecting the Modern Day maharaja’s title reign. Now that the belt is still firm on Jinder Mahal’s waist, are we going to see retaliation from a usually composed King of Strong Style?

Hell hath no fury like KO scorned

SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon made it clear that of a competitor puts their hands on him as he officiates the United States Championship match at SummerSlam, he would not hesitate to fight back which is what happened when a frustrated Kevin Owens tried to put his hands on the referee for waving a three count off because of a rope break. In response to Kevin’s actions, Shane O’Mac shoved back which led to AJ Styles landing a Phenomenal Forearm followed by the Styles Clash to retain his title.

The fury of KO is definitely in full swing but what actions can the WWE Universe expect from Owens after being frustrated in the biggest party of the Summer? Will he put his focus back on AJ Styles, or will he instead target Shane McMahon?

Will her odyssey end in frustration?

It took almost seven years for Natalya to hold WWE gold again and her odyssey finally paid off when she captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship by defeating Naomi at SummerSlam. With a rematch clause and a Money in the Bank lurking around the corner, will Natalya’s victory celebration be cut short?

Day One-Ish are champs again

The Usos are celebrating their first day again as SmackDown tag team Champions as they locked the Power of Positivity in the Uso Penitentiary last Sunday at SummerSlam. Ever the self-mercenaries they have become, they proved to overcome the odds of another potential numbers game en-route to regaining the belt.

Will there be a celebration tonight or will Jimmy and Jey Uso have to save the bars for later?

Also notable…

We were informed that the Fashion Police will return with more answers to their case next week but I, for one, can’t wait to just get everything over with and find out who the culprits in this weird string of events really are.

Randy Orton hit Rusev with an RKO out of nowhere in what was a squash length match last Sunday at SummerSlam. Will the Bulgarian Brute target Orton for some revenge?

NXT standouts Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger have to step their game in the limited time they are on TV if they want to be somewhere in the future. Speaking of TV time, Maria and Mike Kanellis are nowhere to be found for the past few weeks which might make us think they’d rather make love than profess the power of it nowadays.

What other surprises are you hoping for tonight on SmackDown Live? Let us know in the comments below!

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SmackDown Live Preview: Will Shinsuke Nakamura seek revenge?

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