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SmackDown Live Preview: Will frustration get the better of KO? (29 August 2017)

After losing his final opportunity at the US Championship last week, how will Kevin Owens react?

Will frustration get the best of Kevin Owens?

Kevin Owens appointed Baron Corbin to be the special guest referee in last week’s United States Championship rematch against AJ Styles, promising the Lone Wolf a future title shot should he be victorious. Due to some shady officiating, commissioner Shane McMahon came down to the ring to ensure a clean match, and the subsequent argument with Corbin resulted in the former failed Mr. Money in the Bank walking out on the match – after throwing the stripes at the commissioner.

Kevin Owens again got distracted as he argued with Shane McMahon, which AJ Styles capitalized on to secure the victory. It’s been rumored since before SummerSlam that the WWE were building to a match between KO and Shane – will tonight see us move further along that path?

Team Angle 2.0?

Last week, Chad Gable was complaining to SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan about his unhappiness at his tag team partner Jason Jordan being moved to Raw. D-Bry, however, had a surprise for the former Olympian. Bryan revealed that, as part of the quid pro quo for letting Jordan go to Raw, Kurt Angle helped secure the services of multiple-time Intercontinental Champion, former United States Champion, and two-time tag team champion Shelton Benjamin. This week on SmackDown Live, we are finally going to witness the return of Benjamin as he teams up with another wrestling stalwart in Gable…

… or possibly not. Benjamin is a native of Houston, which has been hit by Hurricane Harvey, as is Booker T. The hurricane prevented Booker T from making it to Raw last night – while Benjamin be equally stranded in Houston? At this point, the WWE have yet to confirm, but if he is in Houston, RealSport hope that he, Booker T, and all Houstonians – including RS’s very own wrestling editor, Patches Chance – are kept safe from the storm.

Ravishing Tamina?

Since Lana’s repackaging as an in-ring performer tanked quickly, Tamina took the Ravishing Russian under the ring. Tamina claimed that it was Lana’s confidence that secured her multiple title opportunities out of nothing, even if they were ultimately unsuccessful. Lana has so far played her part well, psyching Tamina into believing that she has the tools to crush all competition.

Will Tamina, with Lana by her side, be able to make her mark on the SD women’s division?

Also notable…

Dolph Ziggler said last week in a backstage interview that he has found the blueprint to be successful, and that he could not wait to unleash it this week on SmackDown Live. His promo suggested a ridiculous mashup of all manner of typical wrestling gimmicks – will he deliver on his promise, or was he merely baiting the audience?

Bobby Roode has dazed the entire SmackDown Live with his gloriousness as he made his debut for the blue brand last week, defeating Aiden English. What are the long term plans of the former NXT champion now that he is part of the main roster?

We’ll find out the answer to all these questions tonight.

What are you looking forward to tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

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SmackDown Live Preview: Will frustration get the better of KO? (29 August 2017)

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