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SmackDown Live Preview: Will Cena hinder Jinder on the road to SummerSlam?

An epic match is set in tonight's main event as WWE Champion Jinder Mahal takes on John Cena on the final stop before SummerSlam.

Will Super Cena hinder Jinder?

Ever wondered what could have happened if John Cena was the one who won the number one contender’s match instead of Shinsuke Nakamura? No need to fantasize such match as the 16-time world champion takes on the current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in tonight’s main event.

Will AJ Styles apologize?

Last week, Kevin Owens became successful in becoming a master manipulator once again as he tricked AJ Styles into a fake altercation which led to Styles landing the Pele Kick intended for Owens on SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon instead. Though Shane promised to do the right thing and become impartial in officiating the United States Title Match at SummerSlam, will there be a need for AJ Styles to apologize?

Always rivals

Natalya looks to stay warm heading into her title match at SummerSlam as she takes on the Lass Kicker Becky Lynch. The two have had this sort of rivalry leading back to the brand split and as two of their division’s top talent, it makes sense that there always will be some sort of rivalry regardless if they team up or throw down. 

Will Natalya gather more momentum heading into SummerSlam or does Lynch have other plans in mind?

Tiring Investigation

From trying to find out who truly thrashed their headquarters to a series of weird disappearances, the investigation now seems tiring to watch but what will happen when Tyler Breeze and Fandango return to Fashion Peaks?

Also notable…

Randy Orton and Rusev have a date at the biggest party of the summer but the mind games must turn into fight strategy for the Apex Predator as he is facing a Bulgarian Brute who would rather engage in a physical altercation rather than plan his offense. What will happen with these two on the last SmackDown Live before SummerSlam?

The Usos must prepare some sick bars as they have to build up their rematch as the New Day sure have their own way to give hype through the power of positivity. Will we see some spit of verses tonight?

What are you hoping to see tonight on SmackDown Live? Let us know in the comments below!

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SmackDown Live Preview: Will Cena hinder Jinder on the road to SummerSlam?

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