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SmackDown Live Preview: Orton and Mahal settle their differences

With each of them facing different opponents at this WWE SummerSlam, Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal face each other once again in a non-title grudge match.

Grudge Match

Though Randy Orton failed once again in his bid to capture the WWE Championship in a Punjabi Prison Match at Battleground, he has a chance to get his hands on Jinder Mahal once again, but this time in a non-title match. With the possibility of their respective SummerSlam opponents scouting in tonight’s match, who will show more holes in their game as they face each other tonight?

Shane O’Mac Officiates

We have found out last week that due to WWE United States Champion AJ Styles and Kevin Owens trading questionable wins thanks to questionable officiating, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan told the two that they are going to face each other again at SummerSlam, but this time the referee will be none other than SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon. We will find out tonight what is in store for the United States Title match at SummerSlam as Shane O’Mac discusses the terms with Styles and Owens.

Cash-In Preview?

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi will be in action tonight as she takes on none other than Ms. Money In The Bank herself Carmella. Is tonight going to be a preview of what is to happen shall Carmella cash in on Naomi or will the champion show the Princess of Staten Island that she is not the right person to cash in on?

A mystery to cover a mystery?

There was a time that we started getting frustrated as we just couldn’t find out who thrashed the Fashion Police’s office but right now, we might be treated to a new set of frustration as we now have to stay tuned and see who kidnapped Fandango. What will happen tonight in Tyler Breeze’s return to Fashion Peaks?

Also notable…

Charlotte is going to take on Lana tonight and unless we are treated to a surprise, we already know how this will end but what we do not know right now is why has Baron Corbin been quiet (or at least his meaning of quiet) lately?

After debuting a nice remix to their entrance theme last week, are we going to see some Uso Bars tonight?

What are you excited to see tonight on SmackDown Live? Let us know in the comments below!

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SmackDown Live Preview: Orton and Mahal settle their differences

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