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Rusev: What’s next for The Bulgarian Brute?

After Rusev's disappointing defeat at Summerslam, we look into the future and what is next for the 'Bulgarian Brute'?

Summerslam as a whole was a PPV not to forget with some extremely memorable moments including a successful shield reunion and Brawn Strowman absolutely terrorizing Lesnar in the fatal four-match before the beast’s triumphant return to win the Universal Championship in the main event. However, for two superstars, in particular, this PPV was one to forget. Enzo Amore will definitely want to put a line through this event in his future memoirs after his Summerslam experience ended oiled up and unconscious in the middle of the ring.  And for Rusev, his match ended after 10 seconds when Orton RKOed the Bulgarian Brute following a pre-match beat down from Rusev.

In this article, we look into the future and look at four potential options as to what is next for one of these unfortunate superstars, Rusev. In fact, if you want to find out what could be next for Enzo Amore check out one of my previous articles on that very matter.

Back to Raw

With rumours circulating about a possible ‘superstar shakeup’ after Summerslam, there is a slim chance that Rusev could be sent back to the flagship show. His tenure on the blue brand has been largely unsuccessful, only entering into half-hearted feuds with Cena and Orton. If Rusev went back to Raw he could potentially enter into a feud for the Intercontinental title or start a non-feud with one of the upper mid-card wrestlers on Raw. Despite this possibility, however, the fact that Rusev only got transferred in April, it seems unlikely that he will get sent back this soon after.

Tag Team venture

The tag team division is certainly short of some firepower and it is very much the case that in the ring the division is being carried by the Usos and the New Day. Furthermore, given the success on Raw with singles competitors moving to the tag division, it is perhaps worth a try to pair him up with someone and create a monster heel tag team. 

US title feud

With the KO-Styles feud presumably over with Styles’ victory over Owens at Summerslam, AJ needs a new opponent to contest for the title. With Styles’ ability, he really should be contesting for the WWE Championship and so a feud with Rusev would be a perfect opportunity to have some high-quality matches whilst also allowing Styles to pass on the belt to Rusev and hopefully to allow him to have another killer reign with the belt that he seems so accustomed to.

Rematch with Randy

Arguably what seems most likely is that Rusev will continue his feud with Orton as just 10 seconds of in-ring action between the two hardly enough to settle a feud. There is certainly a need for greater creative input in this story but certainly, the result and the manner of Rusev’s defeat can be used to further the storyline. Hopefully, Rusev would come out on top if there was to be a rematch and especially given that Rusev lost his short-lived feud with Cena, the need for him to get a feud win over Orton is more important than ever.

So, there you have it. Here are four possible routes for Rusev after his Summerslam defeat. What do you think? Should Rusev do something, not on this article? Let me know in the comments below!

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Rusev: What’s next for The Bulgarian Brute?

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