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ROH TV Ep. 309 Recap and Results, August 20, 2017: The Boys are in action!

Dalton Castle and The Boys defended their Six-Man Tag Team Titles against Colt Cabana and his Boyz on this weeks episode.

Commentary team this week was Ian Riccobani, BJ Whitmer, and Caprice Coleman as Cabana was involved in the main event.

The Kingdom are back to full strength

The announce team built this up as a match worthy of the main event and it certainly lived up to the billing. Matt Taven has been a little lost in limbo since The Kingdom lost the 6 Man Titles after TK O’Ryan broke his leg but he showed his worth here with a great performance against one of the godfathers of ROH, Jay Briscoe. This was fast paced and hard hitting from the start, with Jay taking an especially nasty looking bump to the outside when he seemed to land on his head after hitting a dive onto taven. 

TK O’Ryan got involved after Briscoe dragged him into the ring by his crutch, only for O’Ryan to fool us all and attack Briscoe with his leg cast, causing the disqualification and revealing that his leg is finally healed. All three members of The Kingdom attacked Jay Briscoe after the match, leaving him out cold after a viscous triple chair shot. It’ll be interesting to see where The Kingdom go now that TK is back from injury and it seems a feud with The Briscoes and Bully Ray could be on the cards.

Lethal has had enough

A backstage interview with Jay Lethal was interrupted by Silas Young and soon turned into a brawl between the two rivals. Beer City Bruiser got involved, leading to Young taking out Lethal with a chair shot to the back. 

Lethal came around and said that Ring of Honor needs to start making some matches around here as he is fed up and he wants Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser in a match. This feud continues to build every week and they recently had a very good street fight on the War of the Worlds tour in Edinburgh.

Battle of the Boys

Colt and his Boyz challenged Dalton and his Boys in the main event for the ROH 6 Man Titles. With the guys involved this was always going to be an entertaining match and it proved so from the get go with shenanigans aplenty. While Dalton and The Boys are incredibly over with the ROH fans, I feel that The Tempura Boyz have struggled to connect with the fans since arriving on excursion from NJPW and an alliance with Cabana could really help them finally get over with the crowd, especially since they are so impressive in the ring. Castle got the pin after hitting Cabana with the Bang-A-Rang. 

After the match he took to the mic and said that even though him and Colt have had a long rivalry he has always admired him and after beating him three times, he wants to know if he has finally earned his respect. Colt showed him he had and they shook hands to close the show.

Quick Results

  • The Best Friends (Trent Berretta & Chuckie T) def. Coast to Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG)
  • Jay Briscoe def. Matt Taven w/ Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan by disqualification
  • Dalton Castle & The Boys def. Colt Cabana & The Tempura Boyz to retain the ROH 6-Man Tag Team Championship
  • ROH will be back next week when The Young Bucks defend their Ring of Honor Tag Titles against The Motor City Machine Guns.

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ROH TV Ep. 309 Recap and Results, August 20, 2017: The Boys are in action!

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