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ROH TV Ep. 306 Recap & Results, July 30, 2017: Women of Honor

Ring of Honor took a break from their regular programming to give us a special edition of Women of Honor this week.

Wolf’s popularity continues to grow

Kris Wolf continues to build her reputation as one of the most sought after names in Women’s Wrestling with a win of the Japanese veteran Sumie Sakai. An awkward match at times between two close friends with Wolf finally getting the win with a bombs away splash. Not the best match of the night but the fans were into it and were very much behind the popular Wolf.

Silas Young made an appearance with the Beer City Bruiser, cutting a promo about how it was now 36 days since Jay Lethal was last seen on Ring of Honor Television. Young said that Lethal was just a shell of his former self and will never be seen on ROH Television ever again.

Rose gets her retribution

After a short video in which Leon explained that she and Rose had started out together at the ROH dojo before falling out after a mix up at a recent Women of Honor show. The crowd were a little quiet at first but started to get into the match as it picked up towards the end. Rose managed to get the win after hitting an Electric Chair drop for the three count. Both women hugged it out at the end, a decent match that definitely ended better than it started.

Match of the Night

We see another short video explaining the feud between Deonna Purrazzo and Kelly Klein leading into our Main Event. Karen Q got involved after beating Klein in her d├ębut Women’s of Honor Match in April, ending Klein’s 500+ day unbeaten streak. This was easily the match of the night and started with Purrazzo and Q teaming up on Klein before going at it themselves. Some exciting stuff on the outside with all 3 women getting their stuff in. Purrazzo hit Klein with some vicious chops before Karen Q got the win with a roll up on Purrazzo. A very good match from start to finish, it flowed well and there were no mistakes, unlike the first two matches. Purrazzo continues to impress me more every time I see her.

The show ended with a video previewing next weeks 2/3 Falls match between Cody and Daniels.

Card Recap

  • Kris Wolf def. Sumie Sakai
  • Jenny Rose def. Mandy Leon
  • Karen Q def. Kelly Klein & Deonna Purrazzo

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ROH TV Ep. 306 Recap & Results, July 30, 2017: Women of Honor

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