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Reigns Ruins Rusev (Raw Recap 8/8/16)

Raw this week comes in from Anaheim, California. With showdowns galore, it was a packed show this week.

The show was opened by Enzo Amore and Big Cass, who spoke about last week’s show, specifically calling out Jericho for his antics last week. Jericho came out to address these accusations, before announcing that he too had back up, in the form of the prize-fighter, Kevin Owens. The four men then exchanged insults before a match was made, Chris Jericho vs Enzo Amore for the first battle of the night.

The matchup began with Enzo on top, working the left arm of Y2J, but the ayatollah of rocknrolla responded with chops and clotheslines, ending a combination with a huge dropkick. The action then spilled to the outside, but Y2J had Kevin Owens there to pull him out of a potential mugging. After the break, Enzo began a comeback, slamming Jericho’s head into the mat with a DDT. Big Cass then entered the ring and kicked Y2J in the face, allowing Jericho to win via DQ. Enzo and Big Cass then challenged JeriKO (that’s what I’m calling it, deal with it) to a match at SummerSlam, which they duly accepted.

Braun Strowman then came out for his weekly squash match against a jobber, this time the unlucky man being Jorel Nelson. However, this jobber did get an entrance and some music, but that’s pretty much all he got. Braun tossed the poor jobber around like a teddy bear, before hitting his reverse chokeslam finisher and pinning the poor soul by pressing his hand against his face.

Next up was former best friends Titus O Neil and Darren Young, clashing in a rematch from last week. Titus completely dominated the early proceedings, but out of nowhere Darren Young rolled Titus up, grabbing the tights as he did to win a short matchup, and level the score between the two former friends.

Seth Rollins made his way to the ring next, to give us his new opinion of Finn Balor. He spoke of his disdain for the newcomer, claiming that he is too arrogant to pay a respect to a former two-time champion. Seth rambled on for a while longer, but nothing new was really said.

It was then time for yet another rematch from last week, with Cesaro taking on Sheamus (new era, right?). Cesaro started the raw on top, hitting a vertical suplex and a suicide dive to the Celtic warrior. Cesaro continued his dominance after the break, and even attempted to send Sheamus swinging, but the Celtic warrior began to regain some control, hitting an Irish curse backbreaker and white noise, but Cesaro still stayed in the match. He took advantage of some poor refereeing, and was able to roll up Sheamus for his second win in two weeks against the Irishmen.

Tag team action up next, with the Dudley Boyz taking on Neville and Sin Cara, who was a partner of Neville’s choosing. The Dudley Boyz started the matchup firmly on top, tossing Sin Cara from ring post to ring post, until the faceless one was able to make a tag to Neville. Neville took the battle immediately to D-Von, hitting an inzugari followed by a missile dropkick to the corner and planting him with the red arrow to pick up the win for this new tag team.

Next up Lana and Rusev took to the ring, to relive their wedding, which took place last week. However, they of course wanted to re-read their vows on live tv. Everything was going well until someone dared to disrupt this beautiful occasion. That man, was the man who confronted Rusev last week, Roman Reigns. He came down to make a toast to the two, but the toast quickly became insulting and Rusev was sick of it, and began attacking roman. Roman started to fight back, but bumped RuRu into Lana, who then planted into the cake on the table, and was absolutely covered. Backstage Mick Foley confirmed that the two will settle their differences at SummerSlam, when Rusev defends his United States Championship against the leader of the Roman Empire.

Next, Sasha Banks took on Dana Brooke, and if Sasha wins, Dana Brooke is banned from ringside at SummerSlam. The match very balanced, until charlotte tried to intervene. She attempted to slap Sasha, but she ducked and hit Dana instead. Sasha capitalised on the error, and hit a double-knee to the gut on Dana to pick up the win and ban Dana from ringside at SummerSlam.

Luke Gallows then took on Kofi Kingston. The match was plagued by interruptions, but Gallows lifted Kofi into a fireman’s carry and slammed him to the ground to pick up a surprisingly easy win. Gallows and Anderson weren’t done there, as they attempted to submit the same fate on Kofi as they did to Big E, but Xavier saved him by threatening the duo with a chair.

Finally, Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring to hold peace talks with Mick Foley. They came together to clear the air and apologise for the actions of Lesnar and Orton last week. As they were doing so, Rusev came to the ring and claimed that raw doesn’t need a new champion whilst he is there, and then threatened Daniel Bryan. Cesaro then came to the ring and demanded a title shot if Foley was truly a man of his word. Foley agreed, and the match was made. Cesaro gets a shot at the United States Championship right now.

Cesaro immediately boarded the uppercut train, flying into Rusev repeatedly. The Bulgarian Brute didn’t like that one bit, and started targeting Cesaro’s shoulder, with great success. Rusev began getting more and more frustrated, as the Swiss superman kept fighting back and kicking out. Sheamus snuck too ringside to interfere and kicked Cesaro in the head, much to the delight of Rusev, and of course the official missed all of this. Rusev turned to walk down the ramp in celebratory fashion, but was met by a vicious spear as Reigns takes a big step forward in his pursuit of the title.

So that’s all from a fairly repetitive Monday Night Raw. Make sure you visit tomorrow to see how their competitors over on Smackdown Live do.

Liam’s Raw Rating: 6/10.

Liam Shone

Liam is a WWE/Football writer for the site and supports the Oakland Raiders and Liverpool FC. He's been writing for Realsport since March 2016 and began a degree in Sports Journalism in September 2016 at Southampton Solent University.

Reigns Ruins Rusev (Raw Recap 8/8/16)

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