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Progress Wrestling Ch. 53 Recap & Results: Fate Loves The Fearless

Progress Wrestling returns home with one of their best shows of the year so far.

Progress Wrestling Chapter 53: Fate Loves The Fearless @ The Electric Ballroom, Camden

Progress was back to their home at the Electric Ballroom after their recent show in Manchester. The atmosphere in Camden is always amazing and the crowd was in form yet again, with their chant of ‘Bayley’s too good for you’ towards Aaron Solow, in particular, cracking me up (Solow is currently in a relationship with WWE’s resident hugger). Also for some strange reason, Rockstar Spud seemed to be working as part of the ring crew and spent most of the show wiping the ropes down. Ahh well, on to the show.

Tag Teams Galore

Progress showed the strength of their tag division with three Tag matches throughout the show. Starting with CCK continuing their feud from Chapter 52 with a victory over Extra Talent-Ed, thus becoming the No.1 contenders. Progress Dojo graduates Never Say Die also made their Chapter début against Zack Gibson and James Drake, and even though they lost the young team certainly impressed the Progress faithful in attendance. British Strong Style then successfully defended their Tag Titles against two former Progress Champions in Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins. The match was your typical Progress Tag match, with both teams fighting all over the room. Seven eventually got the pin by roll up when Pete Dunne distracted Haskins after attacking his wife Vicki. Haskins and Havoc brawled after the match, eventually having to be broken up by the ring crew and some of the locker room.

Banks and Dunne roll onto Alexandra Palace

With a Title match between the two fast approaching, Pete Dunne and Travis Banks have been picking each other’s opponents heading into the big show in September. Here, Pete Dunne battled against the Pansexual Phenomenon, Jack Sexsmith. The champ was not messing around as he quickly attacked his opponent, throwing him into the crowd before delivering an X-Plex onto a chair. Sexsmith battled back and held his own with the champ only for Dunne to pick up the win with The Bitter End. Sexsmith has improved incredibly over the last year and is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the UK. Dunne, as usual, showed how good he is. If there is a better heel in the business today, then I have yet to see them. 

In the Main Event, Travis Banks did battle with the debuting Keith Lee. Lee was as over as anybody else on this show and is one of Independent Wrestling’s break out stars of the year. With Pete Dunne providing guest commentary,  the big Texan tossed his much smaller opponent around like a rag doll before Banks fought his way back into the match. The Kiwi Buzzsaw defied the size difference and came close to winning several times before Lee picked up the victory due to another interference from Dunne. After the match, Dunne’s British Strong Style stable mates brawled with Banks and CCK before Dunne levelled his rivals with a sledgehammer. With BSS about to take out Banks for good, Banks’ former South Pacific Power Trip partners TK Cooper and Dahlia Black returned in what was possibly the biggest pop from a crowd I’ve heard in a long time. The returning team cleared the ring and they ended the show with a big standing ovation from the elated crowd. After having to leave the country due to visa problems, it was great to see Cooper and Black back where they belong.

Toni Storm continues her reign

Toni Storm yet again proved to be one of the highlights of a Progress show as she battled the debuting Candace LeRae. There aren’t many bigger names in Women’s wrestling than Candace and there aren’t many better than Storm so this promised to be memorable, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The two competitors in the recent Mae Young Classic showed their technical wrestling and strong style prowess in a great match. Storm held on to her title after hitting three successive piledrivers for the win. 

Match of the Night

The London Riots collided in the match of the night as tag team partners and best friends Rob Lynch and James Davis did battle for a future shot at the Atlas Division Championship. Known as one of the UK’s best teams, the London Riots members left their friendship at the door as they beat the crap out of each other in a match that included pretty much everything. Lynch almost picked up the win through count-out only for him to stop the ref before he could finish the count, not wanting to win the match that way. After Lynch injured his shoulder from a missed top rope dive, Davis took advantage of the injury and made his partner tap out for the win. Lynch delivered an emotional promo after the match where he announced that this would be his final Progress match. A standing ovation from the crowd was cut short when Davis attacked his friend with a cricket bat, before cutting a promo himself, saying that Lynch was a loser and just like everybody else had left him, Davis was leaving him too.

Progress Wrestling’s next show is their debut in New York on August 12th, where Pete Dunne will defend the WWE UK Championship against Jack Gallagher.

Quick results

  • CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) def. Extra Talent-Ed (Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks)
  • Chief Deputy Dunne def. Chuck Mambo
  • Zack Gibson & James Drake def. Never Say Die (Dillon D’Angelo & Alex Cupid)
  • James Davis def. Rob Lynch to become No. 1 contender for the Atlas Division Championship
  • Pete Dunne def. Jack Sexsmith in a non title match
  • Tomi Storm def. Candace LeRae to retain the Progress Women’s Championship
  • British Strong Style (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) def. Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc to retain the Tag Team Championships
  • Keith Lee def. Travis Banks

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Progress Wrestling Ch. 53 Recap & Results: Fate Loves The Fearless

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