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Progress Wrestling Boston: Results & Recap

Another great show from Progress Wrestling as they came to Boston for only their second American show.

After some difficult travel problems, Progress finally made it to Boston, the night after their excellent show in New York. Due to the injuries of Pete Dunne and TK Cooper, the card was put together at the last minute yet still delivered.

Cobb and Andrews start the show with a bang

In a match that was certainly a mesh of styles, high flying Mark Andrews squared off against the former Olympian, Jeff Cobb. The much bigger Cobb slowed down his quicker opponent early on as the progress fans got behind both guys. Cobb showed he could fly himself by hitting an impressive standing moonsault at one point. The bigger man went on to get the win after hitting the power of cobb (find out finisher name) in a very good opening match that I would love to see again.

Riddle is as hard as Stone

It’s starting to become a bit of trend that Riddle is involved in the match of the night, and the trend continued in Boston. After one of the matches of the year against Walter the night before, he faced Martin Stone, otherwise known as NXT’s Danny Burch. Anybody who has seen Stone on the Independent scene before knows that he is a hell of a wrestler and a lot more than his NXT persona, and Riddle was the perfect opportunity for Stone to show exactly how good he is. 

Some very hard chops and kicks throughout this match, as Stone matched the UFC fighter in terms of hard hitting and just like Riddles match in New York, this was a strong style fan’s wet dream. Riddle came out on top after making Stone tap out. Afterwards, he took the mic and praised Stone for having an excellent match before telling Walter that he could have a match with him, anytime he wanted.

British Strong Style continue their dominance

Fresh from his fantastic match with Matt Riddle the night before, Walter teamed up with his Ringkampf teammate, Timothy Thatcher as they challenged British Strong Style for the Progress Tag Titles in the main event. After Seven spending a few minutes at the start berating a kid in the audience the match finally got underway. Trent Seven is so good at annoying the crowd, you can’t help but hate him, and watching Walter throw him and Bate around like ragdolls was oddly satisfying. 

The defending champs eventually got the win when Seven rolled up Walter for the three count. After the match, Ringkampf got into a bit of an argument as Thatcher seemed to blame Walter for the loss. Grabbing the mic, Walter told Thatcher that he didn’t want to argue with him as they were friends and since Riddle offered him a rematch and Thatcher is the No.1 contender for the Atlas Title that they should have a three-way for the belt at Alexandra Palace.

Quick Results

  • Jeff Cobb def. Mark Andrews
  • Dakota Kai def. Deonna Purazzo and Jinny in a Triple Threat Match.
  • Jack Gallagher def. Travis Banks
  • Matt Riddle def. Martin Stone in a non-title match
  • Jimmy Havoc def. Zack Gibson
  • British Strong Style (Trent Seven &Tyler Bate) def. Ringkampf (Walter & Timothy Thatcher) to retain the Progress Tag Titles

What did you think of Progress Wrestling’s trip to Boston? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Progress Wrestling Boston: Results & Recap

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