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Progress Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre recap and results

The new era of Progress went off with a bang ,featuring debuts and shocks galore

Progress were back to normal proceedings with only their second event since their massive show at Alexandra Palace in September. It felt like a new era, as feuds were developed and several wrestlers made their debuts. The Electric Ballroom atmosphere is always amazing, and it was no different here.

Is Pete Dunne with Progress?

The Bruiserweight opened the show with a promo, addressing the crowd for the first time since he lost his title to Travis Banks seven weeks ago. Flanked by his British Strong Style comrades, he talked about how he had done a lot of bad stuff as champion and although he wasn’t apologising, he told the fans that while his time in the UK is pretty uncertain right now, and he wanted them to know how much he appreciated them and how much they have helped him over the last year. This brought out James Drake and Zack Gibson, who spat at Bate and Seven, causing the former tag champs to chase The Grizzled Young Vets to the back. While Dunne was about to leave, Joseph Connors hit the ring out of nowhere, taking out The Bruiserweight with a savage attack. Chants of British Strong Style filled the room as Bate and Seven helped their friend to the back. 

Seeing Pete Dunne being nice was strange, especially considering how big a heel he has been in Progress. If this is the last time we see him in Progress though, then it was nice for the fans to get a chance to show their appreciation for arguably one of the best wrestlers in the world today.

Tag teams everywhere

While the loss of Dunne may leave the singles ranks a little bare, the tag team division is anything but. With three tag matches throughout the show and a new team forged, it seems that the Progress tag scene will be safe for some time. In the opening match, it was debuts galore as Omari and Aussie Open made their first appearance at Progress with a win in a six-man tag match over the team of Connor Mills and Never Say Die. 

In what was supposed to be a title match, a makeshift CCK fought against the Grizzled Young Vets. An injured Kid Lykos had to be replaced by Jimmy Havoc which made the match a non-title match, much to the dismay of Gibson and Drake. The Grizzled Young Vets picked up the win when they hit Havoc with a Ticket to Ride. After the match, they seemed to demand a title match from  Jim Smallman.

In our final tag match, the former champs Tyler Bate and Trent Seven went up against the new team of Jack Sexsmith and David Starr, performing under the rather genius name of Sexy Starr. This was a fun match, with Bate and Seven performing under their Moustache Mountain moniker as opposed to the hated British Strong Style personas they have been for much of the last year. Bate got the win for his team with a Tyler Driver 97 on Starr. A new teamed joined the fray afterwards, as Mark Haskins and his wife Vikki entered the ring, Haskins attacking both members of Sexy Starr. Jimmy Havoc hit the ring, seeming like he would save the day but instead he teamed up with his former rival and both men proceeded to viscously beat Sexsmith and Starr while being guided by Vikki Haskins. With two of Progres’s best coming together, they will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with for anybody who gets in their way.

Banks basks in his own glory

Defending his title for the first time since he beat Pete Dunne at Chapter 55, Travis Banks battled against the man who beat him just a few months ago, Keith Lee. Both men got big reactions from the crowd and, much like their last match, this was hard-hitting from the start. Banks took it to his much bigger opponent from the get go, hitting him with a number of quick attacks before the big man used the size advantage to take control of the champ, hurling him around with ease. Banks hit back with his usual no-sell fire up but the chops from Lee soon cooled him down. A massive powerbomb from Lee seemed almost to break Banks in half, only for him kick out at just before the three-count. The champion somehow managed to get Lee up for the Kiwi Crusher to get win and survive his first title defence. A great match to close what was a great show.

Quick Results

Omari & Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher/Mark Davis) def. Connor Mills & Never Say Die (Dillon D’Angelo/Alex Cupid

James ‘Strangler’ Davis def. Timothy Thatcher

Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) def. Chris Brookes & Jimmy Havoc (substituting for Kid Lykos) in a non-title match

Walter def. Wolfgang to retain the Atlas division Championship 

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven/Tyler Bate) def. Sexy Starr (Jack Sexsmith/David Starr)

Toni Storm def. Charli Evans to retain the Women’s Championship

Travis Banks def. Keith Lee to retain the Progress Championship 

Progress Wrestling will be back on November 12th for Chapter 57: Enter Smiling, where Travis Banks will defend his title against Mark Andrews.

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Progress Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre recap and results

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