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Paul Heyman Signs New Deal with WWE, Will be at Raw

Pual Heyman has reportedly reached a new deal with WWE, and is expected at tomorrow night's Monday Night Raw.

Speculation has been rampent for the last few weeks since reports surfaced that Paul Heyman was in the middle of a contract dispute with WWE. This was fueled by the fact that in recent weeks, including during the WWE Draft, Heyman himself was not mentioned at any point in relation to Brock Lesnar. Instead, Lesnar was only referenced alone. 

Now, reports are coming in from PWInsider that Heyman has reached an agreement with WWE. Not only that, but he is expected to be present tomorrow on Monday Night Raw along with his client Brock Lesnar. 

Both Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar have not been seen on WWE television since Lesnar went up against Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32 earlier this year. Lesnar was victorious, despite a lackluster match. 

While there may be future fallout between Lesnar and Ambrose, that is on hold for the near future due to them being drafted to separate shows, but Lesnar and Heyman will likely have their focus on SummerSlam. WWE has already announced that Lesnar’s first match back will be against Randy Orton. 

Check out Monday Night Raw to see “The Beast Incarnate” return to WWE and check out RealSport’s recap of Monday Night Raw after the show goes off the air.

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Paul Heyman Signs New Deal with WWE, Will be at Raw

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