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NXT Recap & Results, August 17, 2017: Inglourious Interference

What happened towards the end of Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong's match? Also, contract has been signed for the NXT Women's title.

Contract has been signed

Surprisingly, the Contract Signing for the NXT Women’s Championship between Asuka and Ember Moon was civil despite the history of the two. Moon reminded Asuka about what the Eclipse can do to her which sent her in fury as she held her title above her head.

Is the Empress of Tomorrow’s reign of dominance threatened by her challenger? Will we finally see the Rising Sun be Eclipsed?

Another partner laid to waste

Let’s not talk in detail about the victory of the Street Profits right now as their swagger is entertaining for sure and will really be on a roll at this stage of their NXT careers. The story here however was that we got to see Lars Sullivan again in action, this time partnering with Chris Silvio.

Sullivan promised NXT General Manager William Regal that he won’t beat up his partner in the ring if they lose. Silvio took advantage of this by starting the match but losing it as he was not allowed by Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford to tag Sullivan in.

Keepping his promise, Sullivan helped Silvio outside only to brutally beat him up there before stuffing his partner in the trash.

The Anti-Icon

Ruby Riot is one to admit that she does not follow society’s norms nor look up to icons. The Iconic Duo may have chosen a wrong person to mess with (not like Ember Moon was anyone right).

Riot squared off against Billie Kay where surprisingly, the action was equal as Riot had her high points while Kay had her highs as well. The match would end when Riot managed to set up Kay for the Deadly Nightshade followed by the Pele Kick for the victory. 

After the match, Peyton Royce grabbed the microphone and try to verbally bully Riot about how she wouldn’t be as iconic as Kay and Royce. (Like a punk such as Ruby Riot cares right?)

Inglourious Interference

Just days before the biggest match of his career, Drew McIntrire risked not being a hundred percent at TakeOver: Brooklyn III when he agreed to take on Roderick Strong in a match. Both have a score to settle with NXT Champion Bobby Roode as McIntyre is set to take on Roode for the title in Brooklyn while Strong just wants to defend his family’s honor which Roode disrespected.

With the history of putting good shows in the indies using their distinct styles of offense as McIntyre’s hard hits were met by Strong’s Back Breakers. The two went back and forth before managing to find themselves fighting for advantage at the top turnbuckle.

Bobby Roode took advantage of his two rivals being busy and interfered by dropping Strong to the arena floor then proceeded to assault McIntyre in the ring before hitting him with the Glorious DDT. The match was ruled a No-Contest which not only got McIntyre more than beaten before his title match but more importantly, denied Strong of a shot at revenge.

How will tonight’s happenings affect the title match come Saturday in Brooklyn?

Quick Results: 

Street Profits def. Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

Ruby Riot def. Billie Kay

Drew McIntyre vs Roderick Strong ended in No Contest

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NXT Recap & Results, August 17, 2017: Inglourious Interference

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