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NXT Recap: Former ECW Champion Returns (6 July 2016)

Did The Revival manage to retain their NXT Tag Team Championships against American Alpha?

Even with only three matches scheduled, this week’s episode of NXT delivered in a big way.

To open the show, we got to see Bayley take to the ring as she tries to make her case to push back into contention for the NXT Women’s Championship. The crowd was as hyped as ever for Bayley, and firmly against her opponent, Alexa Bliss.

Bliss came in with a huge chip on her shoulder, as usual, and took Bayley to the limit as she tried to make the case for her own future NXT Women’s Championship shot. Alexa and Bayley traded big spots and several close pinfall attempts, but in the end Bayley was able to counter an attempted splash by Alexa. This counter gave her the opportunity to put Bliss in the Bayley-To-Belly and plant her in the center of the ring for the victory.

After the match, Bayley got on the microphone and spoke about how she will bounce back again and pursue the NXT Women’s Championship. She was then quickly interrupted by the Nia Jax, who came out and threatened to injure her once again. A brief verbal confrontation led to a challenge for one more match between Bayley and Nia Jax to finally settle the score between the two.

After that, a promo aired hyping TM61, formerly known as TMDK or The Mighty Don’t Kneel.

The Revival was interviewed backstage about their defense coming up later in the night, and continued to exude confidence in their belief that they are the best tag team in the world.

Next up it was time for tag team action as Blake & Murphy reunited for “one last hoorah” against The Hype Bros. The match itself lasted barely thirty seconds before it was abruptly cancelled thanks to a sudden appearance by none other than “The Man Beast” Rhyno. He slid into the ring and planted Mojo Rawley, Wesley Blake, and Zack Ryder each with a Gore in quick succession. Buddy Murphy managed to escape, but the statement was clear. Rhyno is back!

They then played a package hyping the matchup between Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor scheduled for next week’s episode of NXT, including highlighting the history between the two men.

American Alpha was interviewed backstage, and after a few questions they made it clear that they were “Ready, Willing, and Gable!” for their NXT Tag Team Championship match.

It was then finally time for the main event of the night, as The Revival were set to defend the NXT Tag Team Championships against American Alpha in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. This potentially final confrontation was hyped throughout the show, and these two teams absolutely delivered.

The match got off to a quick start with Chad Gable in the ring, but shortly thereafter Jason Jordan came in and was isolated by Dash & Dawson. They were able to damage his knee partially, but Gable got the hot tag and came in with all guns blazing. Unfortunately for American Alpha, Gable’s dominance didn’t last long before The Revival were able to isolate once again.

When Gable finally managed to tag a fresh Jason Jordan back into the ring, it was all Alpha as Jordan cleaned house. Eventually Jordan was able counter a cross-body by Dash Wilder and get him in an ankle lock. As Dash struggled, Dawson tried to break it up but was dragged to the outside by Gable who also put him in an ankle lock. With both men separated, Dash tapped out to give American Alpha the first fall to go up 1-0.

After some more back and forth, The Revival finally got an opening as Scott Dawson managed to lock Jason Jordan in an inverted figure-four leglock. Gable tried to make the save, but was stopped by Dash Wilder. With the damage to his knee earlier in the match, Jordan was forced to tap out to tie the score at 1-1 and put the match into sudden death.

Both teams continued to trade near falls before Dawson got in the inverted figure-four on Jordan once again. Gable made the save with a diving headbutt, and returned to the corner. A few moments later Jordan was going for the tag when he was shoved into the corner by Dawson. Gable tagged him, but was hit with a knee to the mid-section as he tried to enter the ring. With Dawson and Gable fighting on the apron, The Revival was suddenly able to hit Gable with the Shatter Machine on the apron for the pinfall to retain their NXT Tag Team Championships.

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NXT Recap: Former ECW Champion Returns (6 July 2016)

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