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Neville: why the King of the Cruiserweights must take back his crown

Akira Tozawa may have pulled off a surprise last Monday by winning the Cruiserweight Title but here is why Neville must ascend back to his throne at SummerSlam.

The buzz

On this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Akira Tozawa pulled the surprise of possibly the quarter when he beat Neville for the Cruiserweight Title in Raw’s go home show before SummerSlam. The buzz skyrocketed fantasy points of those who picked him for the week as well as generating a lot of talk on the future of the Cruiserweight Division.

The marketing power of Titus Worldwide provided Tozawa with not only the immediate title opportunity but also keeping the match at SummerSlam intact in what is considered the most entertaining feud for the entire division (sorry Austin Aries).

Though the match at SummerSlam will have different grounds as this will be Neville’s rematch clause rather than the initial title match, it seems like the most logical thing to do is to give Neville his second title reign.

The Undisputed King of the Cruiserweights 

It is pretty obvious that Neville has found a home in 205 Live as he has enjoyed a pluck out of stagnation by being the division’s top star. Holding the brand’s only title constitutes to carrying the entire brand moving forward and Neville has shown through his work that he indeed fits that mold.

Neville has the in-ring ability, the simple but definitive character, and the physical tools which are why a quick look at the entire lineup of 205 Live’s roster and a first time WWE fan will immediately determine who the show’s top star is.

Why the King of the Cruiserweights must take back his crown

The WWE has already splurged on feuds that Neville could have done without the belt such as the Goofy vs Serious with Rich Swann, Two Sides of the British with Jack Gallagher, a high profile feud with Austin Aries, an implosive partnership with TJP, and now the highly competitive feud with Akira Tozawa. Taking the belt off Neville for some time will mean no more new storylines for him especially at this time where some of the heel characters such as Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, and Drew Gulak are seeing better days.

However, Neville has some more interesting storylines to be in as a champion. Mustafa Ali seems to be the one poised to be the next in line had Akira Tozawa and Titus Worldwide hadn’t happened. If you have seen Neville’s match with Ali on of the 205 Live episodes, you will know how great a feud that will be.¬†

An underdog story with Cedric Alexander challenging for a champion Neville will definitely provide a high octane match and a possible show stealer both on TV and on Pay Per View. Keeping the belt on Tozawa will mean either feuding with babyfaces, or making heels look like underdogs with his association with Titus Worldwide which won’t make the feud look convincing.

Turning Akira Tozawa heel would not be a wise decision at the moment given his current popularity due to the “AH! Movement” (a rip-off of the YES! Movement) while a heel Neville needs no more work to continue being relevant.

There is also the intrigue of big indie names signing with NXT such as Lio Rush, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly and since the main roster’s bigger divisions are already crowded, the most feasible thing to do is use those names to bolster the 205 Live roster and let them feud with a champion Neville which would restore the faith of the indie marks in WWE content.

Besides, no one is complaining about Neville being the division’s top star so why replace him just yet right?

Do you think that Neville needs to take back the Cruiserweight Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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Neville: why the King of the Cruiserweights must take back his crown

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