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Neville: 5 indie matches we need to see now that he’s left WWE

If PAC really is back, these are the matches we are dying to see from him on the indie scene

It has been three weeks since Neville was last seen in WWE, and with reports that he is happy to be gone and wrestling fans around the world awaiting his release, we break down the top five dream matchups for Neville as he returns to the indie scene.

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  1. 5 vs Hiromu Takahashi

    Takahashi is the latest star light heavyweight in New Japan Pro Wrestling, known for his wild offense, reckless matches, and his cat Daryl.

    The 'Ticking Timebomb' has been putting on stellar matches since he returned from his time in Mexico at the end of 2016. His fast pace and stiff style, along with his eccentric personality, have won him many fans and huge accolades already. He's the future of the Japanese light heavyweights, making him a great opponent for Neville.

  2. 4 vs Josh Bodom

    What better target for the 'King of the Cruiserweights' than the current British Cruiserweight champion? Rev Pro's Josh Bodom is not well-known outside of the UK, but his talent is undeniable. A wonderful heel and a great in-ring worker, Bodom has proven his talents against the likes of Will Ospreay, making him a great opponent for Neville's return to the British indies, which have changed so much since he has been in WWE.

  3. 3 vs Cody (Rhodes)

    Current Ring of Honor champion and poster-boy for the former-WWE star, Cody has quickly become one of the most over indie performers in the world. His Bullet Club allegiance has helped with that, but his promos, his star presence, and his hard work have all been impressive.

    Cody has traveled the indies more than any former WWE man, working in New Japan, ROH, PWG, and the UK indies. We saw a version of this match in WWE, but both men are working on an entirely different level now. On the indies, these two could tear the house down.

  4. 2 vs Will Ospreay

    The UK scene has evolved a lot since PAC left for WWE to become Neville. In his absence, some terrific promotions and world-class workers have emerged.

    Will Ospreay, known as The Aerial Assassin, is arguably the best high-flyer in the world. At just 24, his ascent to the top of the indie scene has been incredible. The 2016 Best of Super Junior winner and current IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, Ospreay's style has soured some against him, but every match is a feast for the senses and his technical and striking game, together with the quickness and high-risk offense, could create a masterpiece with someone as talented as Neville.

  5. 1 vs Ricochet

    If Will Ospreay is not the best high-flyer in wrestling today, then Ricochet is.

    The 29-year-old has been wrestling for 14 years and has become the most consistently brilliant performer on the indies. Stealing the show as a solo wrestler or in a tag team, Ricochet's accomplishments are too many to count.

    Perhaps the most critical in understanding his stature within the independent scene is that he is the only man to win multiple "Battle of Los Angeles" tournaments in PWG. With the likes of Sami Zayn, Kenny Omega, and Adam Cole winning, that he is the man PWG chose to win twice tells you just how thankful they are for all his hard work.

    With rumors swirling that he is off to WWE soon, this match may not end up happening. The timing is strained, but there's no doubt that both men are considering this option if they can make it happen. They have met before, but that was some six years ago now, before they became the highly polished titans of pro wrestling that they are now.

    If you haven't seen Ricochet wrestle before, take a tour through youtube and seek out his matches with Kota Ibushi, Kyle O'Reilly, and Will Ospreay. He is far more than just a master of "flippy-shit", and so is Neville. Both are highly gifted in technical wrestling who are more than capable of putting on a five-star clinic without scaling the turnbuckles.

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Neville: 5 indie matches we need to see now that he’s left WWE

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