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Monday Night Raw Preview: Goddess meets Monstress

With barely a week before what could possibly her hardest title defense to date, Alexa Bliss looks to knock Nia Jax off her pedestal heading into No Mercy?

Goddess Meets Monstress

Alexa Bliss has made a legitimate claim as a deserving champion, however she picked the wrong time to warm up for her upcoming title defense as she is scheduled to take on Nia Jax. The goddess is putting herself at risk of defending her title in a hurt state when she agreed to face Jax so close to No Mercy.

With Sasha Banks and Emma looking forward to their Fatal Four Way encounter at No Mercy, will Bliss get the momentum she needs or will Jax deliver a strong message to all of her three title match opponents?

Is Braun Strowman for real?

Braun Strowman has been manhandling Brock Lesnar since SummerSlam. While the Monster Among Men has shown no signs of slowing down, the Beast Incarnate might consider backpedaling a little bit and pick his spots.

Strowman might continue to deliver strong messages to the Universal Champion tonight, but will he be able to follow through in six days?

Can the two hold it till No Mercy?

It’s surprising how John Cena and Roman Reigns are able to hold back on the physicality even as their banter heats up. The two mega stars have been trading barbs on each other’s faces as they let lose on what’s on their mind.

For the past two weeks, provocations have occurred but to no avail as they choose to save the action for their match at No Mercy. Can the two hold the altercation till this coming Sunday or will they start going at it as early as tonight?

Also notable…

The Raw Tag Team Division is stacked as it has The Hardy Boyz and Gallows & Anderson all having legitimate claims to the title. Though Sheamus and Cesaro still have their rematch clause for the titles they lost at SummerSlam, how will these teams solidify their claim to the belts?

Enzo Amore can’t keep his mouth shut to the point that even a villainous Miz looked like a babyface last week. After being humiliated by the A-Lister both on the mic and int he ring last week, will Cruiserweight Champion Neville ever take the Certified G seriously?

Jason Jordan has been jobbing as of late but at least he loses to top level competition. The baptism of fire is understandable but as the “son” of an Olympic gold medalist, winning must be in his blood as well right?

What about Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt? They must think of something more than body paints and blood baths for their feud to stay relevant in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

What are you hoping to see tonight on Raw? Let us know in the comments below!

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Monday Night Raw Preview: Goddess meets Monstress

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