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Monday Night Raw Power Rankings: The Boss Holds Strong (8 August 2016)

With everyone trying to settle in and make their mark on Raw, who came out on top this week?

The former WWE Champion has reclaimed his top spot, but he’s got the young upstart Finn Balor right on his heels. Meanwhile, there is stiff competition throughout the brand as the voting was split enough to have four receiving votes who didn’t make the top ten. RealSport’s Weekly Power Rankings have been put together with opinions from several writers within RealSport based on the performance and storylines going on within WWE.

Panel: Patches Chance, Toby Durant, Gur Samuel, Thomas Clapham, Liam Shone

1. Seth Rollins (Last Week: 2)

PC = 1, TD = 1, GS = 1, TC = 2, LS = 1

SummerSlam is only two weeks away and momentum is incredibly important, especially for “The Architect” as he goes after the goal of becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion. He made his case well this week as he went up against the constantly improving Sami Zayn in the Main Event of Monday Night Raw. Rollins came out on top, and he sets his sights back on SummerSlam and on Finn Balor.

2. Finn Balor (Last Week: 1)

PC = 2, TD = 2, GS = 2, TC = 1, LS = 2

Last week, the former NXT-star shot himself up the rankings to claim the very top spot for the Raw brand despite having only wrestled on a single episode of Raw. After working double duty at last week’s event and finishing up his obligations to NXT over the weekend, Finn’s time on Raw focused on the mic, but he’s continued to cement himself as a true challenger to Seth Rollins.

3. Sasha Banks (Last Week: 3)

PC = 3, TD = 3, GS = 4, TC = 3, LS = N/A

The still fresh WWE Women’s Champion was the opening act of Monday Night Raw, and probably the first woman to open the show with her music in quite some time. Not counting Stephanie McMahon, because she really doesn’t count. Some bickering with Charlotte and Chris Jericho let Sasha get a few verbal shots in, but ultimately the distraction by Dana Brooke helped Charlotte pick up the win in a mixed tag team match. Sasha holds strong, but she’ll have to stay the course to stay champion.

4. Rusev (Last Week: 4)

PC = 4, TD = 6, GS = 3, TC = N/A, LS = 3

The Bulgarian Brute has been on a roll in recent weeks, and this Monday was no different. Rusev had to defend his US Championship against the monstrous veteran that is “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Despite Henry’s motivation to capture the United States Title in order to carry it with him to the Olympics, it was The Accolade that ultimately finished things off as Rusev made even the mammoth of a man that is Mark Henry tap out.

5. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Last Week: 9)

PC = 8, TD = 5, GS = 6, TC = 5, LS = 5

Smacktalker Skywalker went Solo this week as he emerged without Big Cass by his side. Enzo said it was because he didn’t always need the big man by his side, and he did some verbal jiu jitsu all over Chris Jericho and Charlotte. Unfortunately, Enzo came up short as Sasha was pinned by Charlotte and Enzo ate a Codebreaker from Chris Jericho after the match. Big Cass put an end to things, but the damage was still done.

6. Chris Jericho (Last Week: Unranked)

PC = N/A, TD = 4, GS = 7, TC = 4, LS = 7

Chris Jericho seemingly interjected himself into something that was 100% none of his business when he interrupted Charlotte and Sasha Banks near the beginning of Raw. However, Jericho’s verbal jabs eventually found him partnering with Charlotte in a Mixed Tag Team Match against Enzo Amore and Sasha Banks. Jericho picked up the win after Charlotte got the pinfall for her team, and Y2J also left Enzo battered with a post-match Codebreaker.

7. Charlotte (Last Week: Unranked)

PC = 10, TD = N/A, GS = 5, TC = 6, LS = 8

The former WWE Women’s Champion fell off the map last week following her loss against Sasha Banks and the subsequent crowning of Banks as the new WWE Women’s Champion. With her contractual rematch set for SummerSlam, Charlotte made a big move this week when she pinned the new champion following the impact of Natural Selection. There was an assist from Dana Brooke, as per usual, but a win is a win.

8. Sami Zayn (Last Week: 5)

PC = 6, TD = 10, GS = N/A, TC = 8, LS = 6

The Underdog from the Underground is becoming less and less of an underdog as this week he main-evented Monday Night Raw against one of the two men vying for what will soon be the top prize on Raw. Zayn is still rolling after his victory at Battleground over Kevin Owens and looking to open up a new chapter in his career, but unfortunately this wasn’t the best one for him. Despite a strong showing, Sami came up short against Rollins. What’s next for him?

9. The New Day (Last Week: 7)

PC = 9, TD = 7, GS = 9, TC = 7, LS = N/A

Despite their history of utilizing their own numbers advantage, Gallows & Anderson demanded that one of the three members of New Day be banned from ringside for their match on Raw. It was a good plan, but ultimately it was the nonchalant cockiness of Anderson that failed as Big E was able to roll him up for a sudden pinfall since he was busy Too-Sweeting Luke Gallows. The New Day took the win, but they got a beating with it. Can they continue to roll on as the champs?

10. Roman Reigns (Last Week: Unranked)

PC = N/A, TD = 8, GS = N/A, TC = N/A, LS = 4

He’s not a good guy. He’s not a bad guy. He’s just the demoted guy. After a 30-day suspension and a complete failure of a push as “the guy,” Roman Reigns has been moved down and now put up against “The Bulgarian Brute.” Believe it or not, Roman’s only singles championships are his (somehow) three reigns as WWE Champion. Now he’s finally getting acquainted with the mid-card as he puts his eyes on the United States Championship.

Also receiving votes: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, Cesaro

Patches Chance

Yo, Patches Chance here. I'm the Content Editor for the WWE section here at RealSport. In my past, I majored in English Literature at the University of Houston. I'm a former referee with the Doomsday Wrestling promotion. I've been an avid fan for over fifteen years and have written about wrestling for over a decade. I'm also a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have been a featured columnist for WhatTheBuc. Edge will always be my favorite, but Shinsuke Nakamura is the best thing in wrestling today.

Monday Night Raw Power Rankings: The Boss Holds Strong (8 August 2016)

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