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Monday Night Raw Power Rankings: Y2J Completes a Grand Slam

WWE is now well underway, with the New Year hungover as good as gone. But with a packed show, who took advantage and shot up the rankings?

The second Raw of the year and we’ve already had a title change, but who rode their luck to pick up some gold and shoot their way up the rankings? RealSport’s Weekly Power Rankings have been put together with opinions from several writers within RealSport based on the performance and storylines going on within WWE.

Panel: Patches Chance, Daniel Binnzy, Liam Shone, Gur Samuel

1. Chris Jericho (Last week:7)

The ayatollah of Rocknrolla Chris Jericho joined a very exclusive club this week on Monday Night Raw, becoming only the 7th man in WWE history to win the Tag Team, US, Intercontinental and World/WWE Championships. Thanks to a helping hand from his best friend Kevin Owens in a 2-on-1 handicap match, we have a new leader at the top of the power rankins and a new US champion in Y2J baby! (PC:1 , DB:1 , GS:2, LS:1)

2. Kevin Owens (Last week: 5)

The bestest friends in all of professional wrestling top this week’s power rankings together. Owens, although he didn’t have to defend his Universal Championship this week, he was still in a title match, as he and Jericho once again did battle with Roman Reigns for the US title. Even though Big Kev didn’t win and become a dual champion, he did have a helping hand in gifting Y2J the US Title, as the two now dominate the singles division on Raw, and big kev rose three places to second. (PC:2 , DB:2 , GS:1, LS:2)

3. Seth Rollins (Last week: 3)

I’m now struggling to decide whether or not Seth Rollins is brave or just very stupid. After the monster among men Braun Strowman demanded a match with Reigns or Goldberg, Rollins instead decided he would step up and give Braun his match that the beast so desperately wanted. Rollins actually survived the encounter, but only thanks to a double count-out by the referee. By not losing to Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins remains third in this week’s power rankings. (PC: 5, DB: 4, GS:4, LS:3)

4. Charlotte Flair (Last week: UR)

The genetically superior athlete had a superior week, as she is the top ranking female superstar in this week’s rankings. After a confrontation with Bayley and Sasha Banks backstage, which involved in a beat down with Nia Jax assisting, a tag team match was made, with Nia and Charlotte taking on Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte dominated the match for the most part, targeting the already injured leg of Sasha Banks, forcing Bayley to go alone and eventually lose to a big ol’ leg drop from Nia. A good performance from the champ sees her rise from being unranked last week, all the way to the top this week. (PC:4, DB:5, GS:7, LS:5)

5. The Undertaker (Last week: UR)

A debatable one for me, as two of the voters didn’t even rank Taker in the rankings at all. However, the other two did, so he must have been doing something right. He appeared on the request of Mick Foley, and may have just saved the man from losing his job. He also officially threw his name into the hat for WrestleMania, as he declares that he will be entering the Royal Rumble match for the first time since 2009. The Deadman, technically a SmackDown superstar, rises from unranked to fifth in this week’s rankings. (PC:3, DB:3, GS:UR, LS:UR)

6. Braun Strowman (Last week: 2)

Braun had a less than inspiring week, especially after his hellacious last man standing match with Sami Zayn last week. Instead, he went on a rampage backstage, demanding a match with Reigns, who was otherwise engaged, or Goldberg, who wasn’t even in the city. Instead, he decided he would interrupt the US Title match at the very start of the show, only to be once more confronted by a pumped-up Seth Rollins. The two couldn’t be separated, and the match was ended by a double count-out by the referee. The monster among men falls from second to sixth after a poor week. (PC: UR, DB: UR, GS:3, LS:4)

7. Neville (Last week: UR)

The self-proclaimed ‘king of the cruiserweights’ was in action again this week and took on a very competitive Lince Dorado. The high-flying Geordie continued his run of clearing out the cruiserweight division, making Dorado tap out. Neville showcased his ruthless side once again, however, after he refused to release the hold after the referee rang the bell. And his viciousness didn’t end, as he returned to lock in the submission once more. Neville is yet another one who has risen from unranked territory to the top ten, sitting in seventh place. (PC: 7, DB:8, GS:8, LS:7)

8. Jack Gallagher (Last week: UR)

The extraordinary gentleman that is Jack Gallagher once again showed his class and his ability to alter his style depending on the opposition as he defeated Drew Gulak. The win shows that he’s more than ready to take on Ariya Daivari again, and finally put their petty rivalry to bed and move on to bigger and better things. (I really need to see Neville vs Gallagher for the title at some point) The gentleman rose from unranked territory to eighth this week. (PC:9, DB:9, GS:6, LS:6)

9. Roman Reigns (Last week: 1)

Sometimes, it just doesn’t go your way. And if you’re Roman Reigns, this week really, really did not go your way. The Big Dog had to defend his US title in a 2-on-1 handicap match against Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens to open the show. But after Braun Strowman interrupted and lead a savage 3-on-1 assault against the big dog, the match was put off until the main event, in which he couldn’t handle the devastating duo of Owens and Jericho and would eventually be pinned by the latter, dropping his US Title and slipping from first all the way down to ninth in this week’s power rankings. (PC:6, DB:6, GS:UR, LS:9)

10. Nia Jax (Last week: UR)

Well, she’s not like most girls. And she proved it once again this week, attacking and specifically targeting the injured knee of Sasha Banks, before facing Banks and the huggable one, Bayley, in a tag team match with Charlotte Flair. Nia would once again prove her power as she would get the winning pinfall after hitting Bayley with a big leg drop. She rose from being unranked to just beating Cesaro & Sheamus to 10th place. (PC:10, DB:UR, GS:5, LS:8)

Others also receiving a close number of votes was Cesaro and Sheamus, The New Day and Gallows and Anderson, but they couldn’t quite crack the top 10.

What did you think of this week’s power rankings? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below!


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Monday Night Raw Power Rankings: Y2J Completes a Grand Slam

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