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Monday Night Raw Power Rankings: Demon Rising (28 July 2016)

Check out the first set of Raw Power Rankings of the brand extension! Who is on top in the New Era?!

With the brand extension underway, The New Era of WWE has arrived. This is the first set of Power Rankings to see which superstars on Monday Night Raw successfully staked their claims to break through the glass ceiling. Who was able to push their way to the top? RealSport’s Weekly Power Rankings have been put together with opinions from several writers within RealSport based on the performance and storylines going on within WWE.

Panel: Patches Chance, Thomas Clapham, Gur Samuel, Toby Durant, Max Hickman, Liam Shone


1. Finn Balor (Last Week: 18)

PC = 1, TC = 3, GS = 3, TD = 1, MH = 1, LS = 1

In what could be the biggest boost in the history of RealSport’s Power Rankings, former NXT Champion Finn Balor went from barely making the list to leading the charge for the Raw brand after only one night in the ring. Balor not only defeated stiff competition early on in the night in a fatal four way with Cesaro, Kevin Owens, and Rusev. Balor went on to the main event to face Roman Reigns for an opportunity at the new WWE Universal Championship, and Finn shocked the world as he delivered the Coup de Grace and set his sights on a meteoric rise.


2. Seth Rollins (Last Week: 2)

PC = 2, TC = 1, GS = 2, TD = 3, MH = 3, LS = 2

The Architect had a rough week, but his connections keep him high in the rankings. After failing to reclaim the WWE Championship against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at Battleground, Rollins got some pleasant news as Stephanie McMahon announced he would compete at SummerSlam for the new WWE Universal Championship. Rollins essentially got a bye all the way to the finals and got to sit back on Raw and enjoy watching to see who his challenger would be. Can he quell the fiery rise of Finn Balor?


3. Sasha Banks (Last Week: 10)

PC = 3, TC = 2, GS = 1, TD = 2, MH = 2, LS = 3

The Legit Boss narrowly misses the top two this week, but it’s not like she would care. After struggling with an injury and returning to clash with Charlotte on multiple occasions, Sasha Banks finally got her shot at the WWE Women’s Championship this week. She ended up feigning being attacked on the outside, reminiscent of the late great Eddie Guerrero and caused Dana Brooke to be ejected from ringside. Sasha kept on fighting, and eventually she managed to make Charlotte tap out and finally captured the WWE Women’s Championship!


4. Rusev (Last Week: 8)

PC = 5, TC = 4, GS = 4, TD = 5, MH = 4, LS = 4

While Rusev came up short on Monday Night Raw in his attempt to push towards the WWE Universal Championship, it was not a completely poor week for The Bulgarian Brute. Rusev went up against the renewed challenge of Zack Ryder at Battleground and came out with a significant victory. Rusev fell to Finn Balor on Raw, but he’s still the United States Champion.


5. Sami Zayn (Last Week: 6)

PC = 4, TC = 5, GS = 9, TD = 4, MH = 5, LS = 7

The Underdog from the Underground fell short on Raw, but he’s still riding high coming out of Battleground. Zayn went up against longtime rival Kevin Owens on Sunday, and after one of the best and most competitive matches we’ve seen all year, he finally vanquished Owens. I’d say once and for all, but there’s no way they don’t cross paths again in the future. For now, Zayn gets some closure.


6. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Last Week: 16)

PC = 6, TC = 9, GS = 6, TD = 9, MH = 8, LS = 6

There were a ton questions coming out of Battleground about the future of The Club. Gallows & Anderson found themselves on Raw, but AJ Styles was shipped off to SmackDown Live. The Club fell short against Cena, Enzo, & Cass, but Gallows & Anderson have already moved on. The duo put their focus on The New Day on Raw and delivered a beating to the current WWE Tag Team Champions to stake their claim for the titles.


7. The New Day (Last Week: 13)

PC = 7, TC = 6, GS = 7, TD = 10, MH = 6, LS = 8

The New Day was all smiles on Monday Night Raw as they celebrated breaking the record and becoming the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history, but that was about the only positive they had all week. At Battleground, they fell to The Wyatt Family when Xavier Woods felt Sister Abigail. As for their celebration, it was cut short by an assault from The Club’s Gallows & Anderson. How much longer can The New Day hold onto their championships?


8. Cesaro (Last Week: 15)

PC = N/A, TC = N/A, GS = 5, TD = 7, MH = N/A, LS = 5

The Swiss Superman wasn’t happy last week when he was drafted so low to Monday Night Raw, but after a week to stew Cesaro came out fighting in his attempt to earn a chance at the WWE Universal Championship. Despite falling short, Cesaro continued to prove his in-ring skill and is poised to move forward from the draft.


9. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Last Week: 11)

PC = 10, TC = 8, GS = N/A, TD = 6, MH = 7, LS = 10

Enzo & Cass started off their week by defeating The Club at Battleground with an assist from their partner John Cena. After that big win, they put their focus on Monday Night Raw and continued to light the crowd up on the microphone. While speaking, they were interrupted by The Shining Stars. They quickly did away with them and picked up a quick win.


10. Kevin Owens (Last Week: 7)

PC = 9, TC = 7, GS = 10, TD = 8, MH = 9, LS = 9

This was not The Prizefighter’s week by any stretch of the imagination. To start, Kevin Owens has been fuming about being drafted lower than Sami Zayn. He didn’t make his case very well though, as he came up short against his rival at Battleground. While Owens put up a hell of a fight, the result is clear cut. On top of that, he fell short on Raw in the fatal four way. Can Owens refocus moving forward?


Also receiving votes: Braun Strowman, Charlotte, Roman Reigns

Patches Chance

Yo, Patches Chance here. I'm the Content Editor for the WWE section here at RealSport. In my past, I majored in English Literature at the University of Houston. I'm a former referee with the Doomsday Wrestling promotion. I've been an avid fan for over fifteen years and have written about wrestling for over a decade. I'm also a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have been a featured columnist for WhatTheBuc. Edge will always be my favorite, but Shinsuke Nakamura is the best thing in wrestling today.

Monday Night Raw Power Rankings: Demon Rising (28 July 2016)

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