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Impact Wrestling Recap and Results: Four Titles on the Line

Four Titles were on the line, Sonjay Dutt returned, Low Ki returned, Hornswoggle appears, and its the first Impact on Spike UK. 

Welcome Back

In a segment where Karen Jarrett announced that Global Force Wrestling, a company in which she is a co-founder, is in the process of merging with Impact, Sonjay Dutt made his return to the Impact Zone. The pioneer of the X Division had some interesting ideas. He wanted to do something unconventional and make the X Division Title match the Main Event of the evening. He was not done there, as he wanted to be in the match, so he could win his first ever X Division Championship.

As you can imagine, the current men slated for that match did not agree. Andrew Everett and Shane Helms, Trevor Lee’s mouthpiece, voiced their displeasure, with Helms going as far as calling everyone in the ring, Mrs. Jarett included losers, and stating he runs the X Division.

The hierarchy of Impact would not stand for this. Bruce Pritchard comes out and tells Helms, in no uncertain terms, he runs nothing. He agrees with the Original Playa from the Himalayas and makes the X Division Title match the last show on the card. He also inserts Dutt into said match. However, he said since the ring has six sides, it will have six competitors. Later in the show, Pritchard added Suicide, and Dutch Mantell added a man named Desmond Xavier. Dirty Dutch said the sixth man would be a surprise, and would be a returning Low Ki.

It is worth mentioning that at one point during the match, all six men went for a dropkick on each other at the same time, making for a great visual. Later, five of the men hit a dropkick on X Division Champion Trevor Lee. Each man looked strong at any given point of the match, but newcomer Desmond Xavier was particularly impressive. One of the most impressive things was the left eye of Sonjay Dutt, which was swollen shut.

Andrew Everett hit a huge Shooting Star flip to all five men outside and hit two Frankendrivers. However, it was the returning Low Ki who would win the match and become the new X Division Championship.

This is a Latino Power Grab

After LAX defended their Tag Titles against two new pieces of talent, the leader of the Latin America Exchange announces that he will balance the power that has been held by the “good ol’ boys”. He proceeds to introduce the members of his faction to the new viewers in England, and claims they are unstoppable.

Enter Decay. The Monster Abyss, Crazy Steve and the Knockouts Champion, Rosemary, begin to brawl with the stars in the ring. It took several security personnel to break up the feuding teams, and it sparked the Brain Trust. Next week, Decay will get a shot at LAX for the Tag Team Championship in a Street Fight.

ODB falls just short

After dominating much of the match, ODB received a kick to the unmentionable region, and Decay’s own, Rosemary, retained her Knockouts Championship. Heading into the street fight with LAX, it looks like Rosemary is on a collision course with the fiery Latina, Diamonte. The question is, will the Latino Power Grab extend to the Knockouts Division

Bobby Lashley retains, with help

Some things are too good to be true. Some things are just not meant to last. One of those things is Ethan Carter the Third being a good guy. After getting a verbal tongue lashing from Bruce Pritchard, we were left to wonder where Ethan Carter would be at mentally. He came down during the Impact Heavyweight Championship match and prevented Josh Matthews, who has now aligned himself with Lashley, from interfering on the Champions behalf.

However, during the action, Referee Brian Hebner was inadvertently knocked down. “The Cowboy” James Storm would go on and hit not one, but two, Last Calls. He would hook the leg, but no referee was available to make the count.

The Cowboy was thirsty, apparently, and decided to imbibe a tasty adult beverage. After he downed what looked like a Budweiser, he would bring the bottle into the ring. This is where EC3 got involved. He would spin around Storm, and smash the bottle upside the head of a TNA original. Lashley would hit his patented spear and retain his belt. Surely, James Storm will be gunning for Dixie’s nephew, and maybe as soon as next week.

It’s definitely not over!

After Team Goat lost their 8 man tag match, we all assumed Josh Matthews was gone from the Impact Zone. It lasted a week. Matthews was back for the final two matches of the evening, and after Low Ki won the X Division Title, Matthews began verbally berating Da Pope and Jeremy Borash. Pope was so fed up, he left. Matthews continued to the point to where he was openly daring Borash to hit him. You can only push a man so far, and Borash unloaded on his adversary. This is definitely not over between the man who refers to himself as the GOAT and the longtime voice of Impact.

Quick Hits

The man formerly known as Hornswoggle was in the Impact Zone

Impact ran a commercial for their online store, saying all AJ Styles merchandise is on sale

At an Indipendant show in Manitoba, Chris Adonis locked Moose into the Adonis Lock after Moose defended his Impact Grand Championship

Moose broke Adonis’ arm, and thusly, Adonis couldn’t answer Moose’s challenge for next week. However, Davey Edwards will step in and face Moose next week for the Impact Grand Championship

The Veterans of War make their debut next Thursday on Impact.

Card recap:

  • LAX (Santana and Ortiz)((With Konnan, Homicide, and Diamonte)) defeated Joe Coleman and Jake Holmes to retain Impact Tag Team Championship
  • Rosemary defeated ODB to retain Impact Knockouts Championship
  • Kongo Kong (with Laurel Van Ness, Sienna, and KM) defeated Chris Silvio
  • Bobby Lashley defeated James Storm to retain the Impact World Heavyweight Championship
  • Low Ki defeated Trevor Lee, Suicide, Sonjay Dutt, Andrew Everett, and Desmond Xavier to become the new X Division Championship
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Impact Wrestling Recap and Results: Four Titles on the Line

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