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How well do you know the nWo? (Quiz)

Do you know the faction that changed the face of wrestling? Let's find out...

  1. 1 In what city did the first member of the nWo debut in WCW?

    1. Macon, Georgia
    2. Atlanta, Georgia
    3. Orlando, Florida
    4. Sturgis, North Dakota

    Home of the Whoopee

    The Macon Colosseum was home to the Monday Nitro that featured the debut of Scott Hall, formerly known as Razor Ramon.

  2. 2 How many official members (including WCW, WWE, and NJPW) were in the nWo?

    1. 48
    2. 54
    3. 62
    4. 64


    In the five incarnations within WCW, there were 45. Two more were added in the WWE. Seven were officially a part of the NJPW brand, and fringe members make up the rest.

  3. 3 What two WWE Hall of Famers were members of the nWo only in the WWE?

    These two men were only in the WWE version.

    1. Triple H and Shawn Michaels
    2. Booker T and Shawn Michaels
    3. Booker T and Goldust
    4. Goldust and Cody Rhodes

    The Heartbreak Kid and Mr. 5x

    Shawn would actually kick Booker out of the nWo in the WWE with a mighty superkick.

  4. 4 Who is the leading rebounder in nWo history?

    Only NBA rebounds count. 

    1. Kevin Nash
    2. Karl Malone
    3. Shaquille O'Neil
    4. Dennis Rodman

    The Worm

    He no-showed a Chicago Bulls practice to attend a taping of Nitro. He was also one of the first big name celebrities to join WCW.

  5. 5 Which NASCAR driver drove the nWo car in the Busch Grand National Series?

    1. Richard Petty
    2. Kyle Petty
    3. Kerry Earnhardt
    4. Bruce Vilanche

    The Son of the King

    Among one of the many things WCW sponsored, to include Monster Trucks and movies, Kyle Petty's #49 car was one for the nWo brand.

  6. 6 Who was the nWo's personal referee?

    1. Charles Robinson
    2. Jimmy Korderas
    3. Nick Patrick
    4. Earl Hebner

    He was the senior referee for all of WCW

    Nick Patrick was the senior in ring official for the entire organization and turned out to lend a hand in many title defenses for Hogan and Nash.

  7. 7 Which nWo member held the WCW United States Championship the most times?

    Only holding it under the nWo banner counts.

    1. Bret Hart
    2. Jeff Jarrett
    3. Scott Hall
    4. Kevin Nash

    The Hitman

    In the black and white colors, Bret held the US belt 3 times. Double J held it twice. Hall, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, and Curt Hennig each held it once. Shockingly, Kevin Nash was never a US Champ. 

  8. 8 Which of these men were members of both D-Generation X and the nWo?

    1. Rick Rude
    2. Shawn Michaels
    3. X-Pac
    4. All of the Above

    All of them

    Rude was a de facto manager for DX in the early days, X-Pac was the 6th member of the nWo and the first brought in by HHH after the genesis of DX. We all know about HBK's stint in the group.

  9. 9 Which of these men held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship the most times under the nWo banner?

    1. Scott Hall
    2. Kevin Nash
    3. The Giant
    4. Randy Savage

    Big Daddy Cool

    The man that was known once upon a time as Diesel held the belt twice. Macho Man held the belt as well as Bret Hart. However, the man who held it the most for the nWo was not a choice, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan.

  10. 10 What was the date the nWo took over Nitro and rebranded it?

    1. 12/22/98
    2. 1/14/99
    3. 12/22/97
    4. 1/14/98


    The idea was to let the nWo either take over Nitro on a full basis or give them Thunder. They would up with partial control of Thunder, but it tanked so awfully that the idea was more/less scrapped immediately.

  11. 11 How many times did the WCW Tag Team Titles come to the nWo?

    1. 8
    2. 9
    3. 10
    4. 11

    Ten! Ten! Ten!

    Scott Hall and Kevin Nash held the titles 5 times, Sting and the Giant and Sting and Nash each had a turn, as did Hall and the Giant. The B squad had 2 runs, both with Ron and Don Harris.

  12. 12 Which of these was NOT a title of an nWo faction?

    1. Elite
    2. 2000
    3. Originals
    4. Typhoon


    Elite consisted of Hogan, Hall, Nash, Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, and others. 

    2000 was comprised of Hall, Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart, Scott Steiner and the Harris Brothers. 

    Typhoon was the term WCW broadcasts used to refer to the NJPW version. 

  13. 13 Who did Hogan hit with the leg drop when he joined the nWo?

    1. Roddy Piper
    2. Sting
    3. Randy Savage
    4. Ric Flair

    The leg drop felt around the world

    Long time frenemy Randy Savage took the hamstring to the chest at Bash at the Beach to signify Hogan was allied with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

  14. 14 When Vince McMahon introduced the nWo to the WWE in 2002, what did he refer to them as?

    1. Tumor
    2. Cancer
    3. Chronic reoccuring rhabdomylosis
    4. Black plague


    Even if you didn't watch that particular Raw, common sense dictated this one...

  15. 15 True or False: In the statement: "This is where the big boys play, huh? Look at the adjective. Play." The adjective is 'play.'

    It was the first thing we heard Kevin Nash say on WCW television. Was the University of Tennessee alumnus correct? 

    1. True
    2. False

    Sorry Kev

    The adjective in that statement would be big. Play would be the verb.

  16. 16 Why is January 11, 1999 significant?

    1. Tony Schiavone said "Heh, that'll put some butts in the seats." when referring to Mick Foley winning the WWF Championship
    2. The notorious "Finger Poke of Doom" where Hogan poked Nash in the chest to win the WCW CHampionship
    3. Both of these
    4. Neither of these


    While both the 'Finger poke of Doom" and Mick winning the WWF Championship happened on the same night, it was the week before, January 4th, 1999. Of course there was a trick question, the nWo wouldn't have it any other way.

  17. 17 Who was the fourth man to join the nWo?

    He would be the first one after Hall, Hogan, and Nash.

    1. The Giant
    2. Eric Bischoff
    3. Ted DiBiase
    4. Fake Sting

    The Million Dollar Man

    While the order after him is somewhat disputed (Syxx aka X-Pac was either the 6th or 7th man) Dibiase came a few weeks before The Giant, Fake Sting, and Syxx.

  18. 18 Who was the only nWo Cruiserweight Champion?

    1. Juventud Guerrera
    2. Psychosis
    3. Syxx
    4. Rey Mysterio Jr.


    Ok so this was a slam dunk.

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  1. Quiz result

    Goin' Hollywood

    You scored

    You are Hogan. You were the main name behind the nWo. You also helped kill the company because of your dominance at the top of the card. Congratulations, you're the best guy and will be a victim of your own ego.

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  2. Quiz result

    Toot toot.....toot!

    You scored

    You are Kevin Nash. You were kind of around for everything, and kind of to blame for everything. You're not as big as Hogan, but you were definitely there.

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  3. Quiz result

    Hey yo.

    You scored

    You are Scott Hall. You started the whole thing, but for some reason, you don't always get the recognition you deserve when compared to Nash and Hogan. 

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  4. Quiz result

    World's Largest Escapee

    You scored

    You are The Big Show Giant. You must have gotten out before the ship sank. Only that can explain why you didn't know half of these things. 

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  5. Quiz result


    You scored

    You are the Million Dollar Man. You were there, but more people remember your sidekick being in the group than you. Oh well, at least you got to manage Steve Austin.

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  6. Quiz result


    You scored

    You are Booker T. Because of this group, you never got your Main Event push until the very end. And when you did join the stable, you were literally kicked out a short time later. At least now you're a 6x Champ with a smokin' hot wife.

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How well do you know the nWo? (Quiz)

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