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Highlights from the Impact Wrestling media Q&A with Moose

RealSport took part in Wednesday's media conference call to ask Moose about all things Impact including the upcoming Bound For Glory PPV event

In this week’s Impact Wrestling media teleconference, RealSport was joined by Moose. During the call, we discussed what’s different about UK crowds, the Bound for Glory, fan reactions, and more.

Talking Bound for Glory

How are things going for you?

Moose: Things are going well. Listening to Josh ramble and laying on the couch waiting for someone and talk to whoever I could talk to.

What are your thoughts on your current storyline with American Top Team?

Moose: A lot of fiasco going on with that but I’m having fun with it. As you can see, last Thursday, I did what most people should go to jail for. [I] snuck into their training facility and vandalized the place. Took some stuff that maybe I shouldn’t have taken but it’s all in good fun. Can’t get my hands on Bobby, Mo, and Lambert so I guess the best thing to do next is to break down their own training facility. Me and Bonnar had fun doing that, and hopefully we get our hands on those assholes.

Well, I’m sure all roads for you lead to Ottawa, Bound for Glory on November 5th. Your thoughts on the company as it heads to Canada?

Moose: It’s awesome, man. I can’t wait. I love Canada. This won’t be my first time going there.  I’ve been there plenty of times and the fans there are great. Whatever my match is going to be at Bound for Glory, I know it’s going to be awesome. I know the fans are going to have a great time and I know I’m going to have a great time.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Ottawa?

Moose: Bound for Glory is the biggest pay-per-view of the year in our company so I’m looking to put on the best show that I can, especially for this year. I’m looking forward to rocking the house and this pay-per-view is going to be really sweet for me because my brother is actually going to be coming down and we have a special entrance planned. He’s going to be with me, so it makes this pay-per-view very, very special.

What’s your impression of Lashley as an opponent and would you consider an MMA fight in the future?

Moose: I’ve always been a big fan of MMA. Actually, one of my real good friends, Frank Trigg, who I’ve known for a while, helped me get into professional wrestling, believe it or not. He actually trained me a little bit in MMA. I actually had wrestled with the idea of going into the octagon at some point or whatever you call it, I know the octagon is more of a UFC phrase when going into MMA but I mean, with what’s going on with American Top Team, you never know. With the right match-up and the right amount of money came up, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it. I have good friends in the business that can help me out with the training if that ever came up, but you never say never and I would never say no. It all depends on how it came up.

Talk about working with Stephan Bonnar. Obviously, you guys will team at Bound for Glory. You’re a two sports superstar, you came from the NFL and moved into pro-wrestling, [Bonnar] MMA into pro-wrestling. In your eyes, what’s this transition been like so far and what has it been like working with Bonnar as you build the program?

Moose: Oh man, Stephan Bonnar’s awesome, man. He’s a real cool guy. Awesome to work with and he actually shows me some stuff which I’m sure you guys will see, maybe even this Thursday on TV, with some of the training we did together.

A lot of times with a wrestler, they’ll only be able to wrestle one marquee event a year, whether that be at Wrestle Kingdom or WrestleMania. You’ve got Bound for Glory coming up and you recently did TripleMania for AAA in Mexico. What did you think about going to Mexico and working on its biggest card of the year?

Moose: I was blessed enough to be one of the guys that would be called up to go to Mexico to perform in AAA. I wish I would have had a better showing there or maybe a more high-profile match, but it is what it is. Just to be called up there to be with the performers with twenty thousand people or whatever the count was there in Mexico City was awesome. I was glad I was out there to represent Impact Wrestling in Mexico. Bound for Glory is the event of the year that most are looking forward to. Like I said, this one is going to be extra special to me because my brother is going to be here with me, and like I said, we have something special planned for my entrance which I’m looking forward to as I’m all about those entrances so I can’t wait for that.

If you were headlining next year’s Bound for Glory event, who would you like to face and in what kind of match?

Moose: Honestly, we have so many good guys on the roster, it really doesn’t matter who I will face. I could see myself headlining against Bobby Lashley. Someone actually tweeted this to me, I thought it was very true, me and Bobby are destined to fight forever. So, I guess to answer your question, I would love to headline Bound for Glory against him or it could be EC3, could be Eddie Edwards. I mean, it doesn’t really matter. We have a roster filled with great talent and I’m sure I could pull out a match of the year candidate with anyone on the roster.

Talking NFL and transitioning between sports

Now that it’s NFL season, who do you think is your early pick for the Super Bowl?

Moose: Early pick for the Super Bowl is, I’d say the Patriots because they are the defending Super Bowl champs so I’d love them to go back. I’m a big Tom Brady fan, I got to play with him in 2010. I want him to win every single Super Bowl so he retires and he say “I’m the only one who’s won every Super Bowl I’ve been in.” [Also,] I would love to go after the Global Championship. I get tweets and messages from fans all the time that I should be the Impact Global Champion. I would love to get my hands on whoever wins that matchup in the main event.

Why do you think, out of all the professional sports, that far more footballers have been switching to pro wrestling?

Moose: Tough question but to answer it, I think the feel is like totally different. I think it all leads to going into pro wrestling is because you’re an athlete so it maybe helps with the transition. Other than that, it’s two different disciplines, it’s two different skill needed to do both. You can’t take a wrestler and throw him on a football field and say that he’ll succeed. There’s been a lot of football players that have tried out to be wrestlers and fail. It’s just the handful that succeed that think that “Oh, it’s easy coming in.” It’s two different disciplines. I feel like Impact is definitely a great job. Crossing over, it’s always great to get fans from different sports to come in your sport to see what we do and, just look at how many views we had from having DeAngelo Williams at Slammiversary coming in and putting on a show like he did and we’ve had a lot of crossover fans coming in to see if DeAngelo Williams will do good or fail. I think Impact does a great job of doing that as we’re doing again this pay-per-view we’ve been doing lately with Stephan Bonnar coming in and with King Mo and the whole thing with American Top Team. All praise to Impact Wrestling for doing that crossover.

Are you still in touch with DeAngelo Williams and would you like him to step back in the ring?

Moose: I talk to him all the time actually. He’s a friend of mine, and luckily we became good friends after our tag team from six months ago. Yeah, I would love for DeAngelo to step back into the ring, he’s made for it. With just the one match that he had, at Slammiversary, proved that he could be a great wrestler if he decided that that’s what he wanted to do. Hopefully, he decides to come back into the ring sometime.

Talking fans in the UK and more

What makes the UK crowds so special?

Moose: British crowds are awesome. They get very into every match. Some people take it as they’re trying to get themselves over but I take it as them being into what we do. It’s always special wrestling in front of a British crowd. I’m over here now and I love it.

What UK based wrestlers have impressed you?

Moose: Oh man, I just had a match with Joe Coffey two days ago and it was phenomenal. I’m a big fan of his and I’ve said it before in the past and I’ll say it again, he’s definitely a guy I think Impact should think about bringing in. He’s a phenomenal talent on the mic and in the ring and there’s more guys out there that are pretty good like Chris Brooks and Travis Banks. I do know that at some point, Impact will be coming to do some shows in the UK. I don’t know what the dates are or when but I definitely think those are guys that Impact should think about bringing in.

How important is it to be well-rounded in the ring and how much do you not want to be known just as a power guy?

Moose: I’ve only been a wrestler for four years. Since I first came in, I have been known as a powerhouse. I think being a powerhouse is what fans saw in me. Now, I’m still working on being the total package, doing more than just power moves. Just trying to mix it all up, when I came into wrestling, I wanted to be known as one of the best and that’s still my goal and that is still something I’m working towards. I’m doing my best, going all around the world and wrestling some of the best athletes around the world, just to try to hone my skills. I don’t have to be in the UK right now doing all these shows but I choose to leave home and keep myself busy just so I could be successful and then go on the other side to be one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Did you ever worry about what kind of reaction you would get from the fans?

Moose: It was surreal for me but it was expected. This is something I’ve been working on for a very long time, even when I was playing football. I’ve always known how to connect with the fans, with whatever crowd I was in. I guess it’s something that I’ve had. It’s a talent that I’ve had for a while now, from my football days. To go out there, no matter how big the crowd is, to have all these fans chanting your name, with an investment in what you do, it’s a surreal experience and I guess I’m blessed for it to be happening.

What’s different about the Impact Grand Championship as opposed to failed secondary titles such as the King of the Mountain and Television titles?

Moose: I think the Grand Championship is a unique format. It kind of switches up the whole game. It puts more of a boxing/MMA aspect to the match. I think it’s something different and as you know in wrestling, anything different is always good. I am a former two-time Grand Champion and I was really good at that format. Obviously, you saw the way I lost it. I don’t think I got beat. I think I got screwed out of it. I think we got a good champion in EC3. We’ll see what happens with that title. Like I said before, at some point, would like to maybe throw my name in the hat to go after the Impact Global Champion. I think I’m definitely ready to hold that title.

How did you go through the process to acquire the rights to your own theme song and how has that helped you stand out from the rest of the roster?

Moose: That was easy, my entrance theme was made by a family member so I don’t think anybody could keep or own the rights to that music except for myself or my brother. No matter where I go, it will always be mine. There was no transition. The music goes where I go. Ring of Honor was great when I was there, and I’m an Impact wrestler [now] and Impact Wrestling is great.

What did you make of your match earlier this year with Jordan Devlin and what did you think about the Irish crowd?

Moose: That’s funny because I was actually on a show with Devlin a couple of days ago. We did ICW together. We both agreed that that match was one of our favourite matches to this day. Not to talk about other companies but one of my favourite matches in wrestling history was The Rock vs. Hogan at WrestleMania X8. It was my favourite match because Hogan went from a heel to a babyface mid-match and I kind of feel that match was me and Jordan Devlin in Dublin. We did the same exact thing where Jordan went from being a heel and hated by the crowd to midway in the match being loved by them. Just because of that moment in the match where he went from a full-blown heel to a pitch-high babyface, I feel like we created something, one of our best moments in wrestling history with The Rock and Hogan, that has to be one of my favourite matches. And to answer your question, the Irish crowd, they’re freaking awesome and I can’t wait to go back.

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Highlights from the Impact Wrestling media Q&A with Moose

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