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Evolve 90 & Evolve 91 Recap & Results

Evolve bring us their latest shows from Maryland and New York as Lio Rush says goodbye to the company

Evolve 90

Evolve were back with a weekend of shows. First up was Evolve 90 from Joppa, Maryland before they headed over to New York the following night for Evolve 91.

The future is bright for Evolve

Some of Evolves younger talent showed what they can do as Darby Allin defeated  Craig Mitchell and Austin Theory defeated Jason Kincaid. The daredevil Allin cut a promo before his match saying that he is now living in his car and training every day in dedication to proving he is good enough to beat Timothy Thatcher when the two meet at Evolve 91. Allin showed his speed and quickness as he beat the bigger Mitchell with a code red into a Gibson Lock. Also, the 20-year-old Austin Theory continued to show his progress as he picked up the win over the popular Kincaid with a TKO after interference from Kelly. The recent heel turn for Theory has really brought out some much-needed attitude for the young man he showed yet again that the sky is certainly the limit for the young man.

Rush says goodbye

Lio Rush said goodbye to Evolve with his last match before he joins WWE and move to the performance centre. Here he went up against the current WWN champion Matt Riddle in a non-title match. As expected this was a combination of high flying and strong style wrestling as both men closed the show with a very good match. The King of Bros finally getting the win after making Rush tap out to the Bromission. There were shenanigans aplenty after the match as Walter came to the ring to confront Riddle, only for both men to be attacked by Catch Point. Keith Lee eventually cleared the ring as Tracy Williams and Riddle fought to the back. Walter and Keith Lee teased the match between the two, much to the excitement of the fans. Lee cut a promo saying that while Walter is an impressive big man, when they meet in a four way at Evolve 91 then he will make him bask in his glory. 

Match of the Night

In a match for the Progress Atlas Championship, the debuting Walter defended his title against Fred Yehi. This was his first defence of the title since beating Matt Riddle for the title at Chapter 51 and he impressed greatly on his debut. The clash of styles worked well as Yehi tried to counter the big Austrians power with his unorthodox style as they exchanged thunderous chops throughout the match. Yehi held his own against the big man as he continued to show why he is one of Evolves standout performers of the year so far. Walter got the win with a sleeper hold to retain his title in what was a really enjoyable match.

Quick Results

  • ACH & Ethan Page def. Jaka & Chis Dickinson
  • Darby Allin def. Craig Mitchell
  • Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly def. Jason Kincaid
  • James Drake & Anthony Henry def. Tracy Williams & Rory Gulak to retain the Evolve Tag Team Championships
  • Keith Lee def. Timothy Thatcher w/ Stokely Hathaway
  • Walter def. Fred Yehi to retain the Progress Atlas Championship
  • Matt Riddle def. Lio Rush in a non-title match

Evolve 91

Night two from Evolve as they rolled into New York. This was probably the better of the two nights, as there was a sprinkling of Progress talents throughout the show due to Progress having a show later on in the day.

Riddle retains his title

Matt Riddle defended his WWN Championship in a four way against Tracy Williams, Walter and Keith Lee. I was looking forward to this as Walter vs Keith Lee is a bit of dream match for me and the crowd got very excited every time they got near each other. It’ll great to see them in a singles match when they collide at the upcoming BOLA in September. There was a lot of action in this one with the feud between Riddle and Williams continuing to boil. After a lot of teasing, Lee and Walter finally got their hands on each other with some ungodly chops and pretty big suplexes. 

I’m always a little underwhelmed by Tracy Williams and you couldn’t help but feel that he was just the ‘other guy’ in the match compared to his much popular opponents. Riddle went on to win the match after making Williams tap out to the Bromission. Very good match which the fans seemed to love.

Allin and Theory continue to impress

Following on from their performances the night before at Evolve 90, Darby Allin and Austin Theory continued to show their promise with great matches. Darby Allin picked up the biggest win of his career so far after beating Timothy Thatcher with the Gibson lock, which led to Thatcher seeming to part ways with Stokely Hathaway so he could join up with his Ringkampf stablemate Walter. Later on, Austin Theory lost to a debuting Mark Haskins in another great showing from the 20-year-old. Theory has been consistently improving since joining Evolve and his recent alignment with Priscila Kelly has seen him come out of his shell and start showing some personality to make the fans care. With two wins for Allin and one for Theory coming out of the weekend, both men are sure to continue their rise up the Evolve roster.

Match of the Night

In a rematch of their battle at the WWN Supershow over WrestleMania weekend, Travis Banks and TK Cooper reunited against possibly the top team in Evolve in Dickinson and Jaka. Like the first match between them, this was a hard hitting from the get go and while it might not be as good as their match in Orlando, it was still an excellent contest between two great teams. Dickinson and Jaka got the win after hitting the death trap on Cooper. Both teams have great chemistry with each other and at one win a piece I would love to see a third match between them somewhere in the future. Match of the night, if not the weekend.

Quick Results

  • Ethan Page def. ACH
  • Darby Allin def. Timothy Thatcher w/ Stokely Hathaway
  • James Drake & Anthony Henry def. Fred Yehi & Jason Kincaid to retain the Evolve Tag Team Championships
  • Mark Haskins def. Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly
  • Jaka & Dickinson def. South Pacific Power Trip (Travis Banks & TK Cooper) w/ Dahlia Black
  • Matt Riddle def. Tracy Williams, Keith Lee, and Walter to retain the WWN Championship

Evolve will host their next shows Evolve 92 and Evolve 93 on September 22nd and 23rd.

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Evolve 90 & Evolve 91 Recap & Results

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