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A short public service announcement for all wrestling fans, especially those at televised events.

Here is a public service announcement for any wrestling fan going to a live event or especially a televised event, LEAVE YOUR BEACH BALLS AT HOME!

Stop insulting the wrestlers

I understand the whole “I paid for my ticket I can do what I want” mentality, but your actions are detrimental to not only the product but the performers you’re going to watch. We can’t as wrestling fans complain that our favourite characters like Finn Balor and The Miz aren’t at the top of the card and then go and chant for beach balls and completely ignore what everyone is doing in the ring. 

A wrestler’s success is for the most part dictated by the reactions they get from the crowd. When you ignore certain wrestlers for a beach ball of all things, how can you possibly think that can bode well for them?

If you want to go play with a beach ball maybe the name itself would suggest where you should go, and guess what? You can do it free of charge!

Seriously, you’re not funny

I don’t like to go in on wrestling fans because I myself am a wrestling fan, but when the wrestlers I respect and enjoy watching are starting to get visibly annoyed at these sorts of things, it is time to draw a line. 

It is hard enough to put on both an engaging and compelling match on Monday Night Raw with so little time, and this behaviour is making it even worse. It’s not funny, it’s rude. It’s rude to the performers and the fans who are trying to enjoy the show (live and at home).

So please, leave your beach balls at home.

What’s your opinion on beach balls? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Cesaro jumping into the crowd to pop the beach ball during SummerSlam was a highlight of the PPV for me. Those damn beach balls are so annoying when you’re trying to concentrate on the show.

  • Corey

    Yeah, the beach ball chants during Finn/Jordan’s recent bout on RAW completely took me out of the match (which was great, in-ring wise). I hate when crowds try to put themselves over.

  • Alexander Gayoso Ramos

    Who says the wrestlers deserve some supreme respect. They are not their to entertain you. They are their to make money.once the ticket is bought,it’s done. They already have a check. You the fan do not matter to them. They decide to do what They do for money,not some altruistic reason to make you feel good. Beachballs will not go away. It’s get banned and it makes the fans come back in force with more


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