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Cruiserweight Classic: Zack Sabre Jr. Already a Favourite to Win

Not only are we taking a quick look at all the competitors, today we look at a favourite to win the whole Cruiserweight Classic!

Today we take a look at one of the favourites for WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic which kicks off on 13th July – Britain’s own Zack Sabre Jr.

Do you really want to bet against that man?


Zack Sabre Jr is a favourite for this tournament because he is simply one of the hottest names on the Independent scene at the moment. He won Rev Pro UK’s British Championship from AJ Styles in January, he took the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) World Championship from Roderick Strong in March – the PWG title has been held by multiple current WWE superstars including Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Sami Zayn. That should give you some sense of his standing in the global independent scene right now.

How did Zack Sabre get to be considered so good? Because his in-ring work is truly unparalleled – now that Daniel Bryan has retired anyway. He is a supreme technical wrestler, capable of twisting every limb and digit out of place.


Here he is turning a piledriver attempt into a kimura lock, then a double arm bar and the win. The transitions are so smooth, the moves look so painful. Zack doesn’t have one hold he his know for, he has variations upon variations upon variations. That double arm bar he just beat Chris Hero with, he adapted it and took it even further to tap out AJ Styles…

And then one-step further as he beats Roderick Strong!


Zack isn’t just some characterless tapout machine though, he is a cheeky, funny guy in the ring. Not afraid to trade barbs with the crowd or other wrestlers and happy to put in some comedy spots to his matches. The WWE crowd hasn’t seen anything like Zack Sabre’s blend of British chain wrestling combined with the strikes and stiff suplexes. He can hurt his opponents with his PK kick, his dragon suplex or just take them off the top rope with an armbar…and anything like what you see below will spell disaster for anyone up against Zack Sabre Jr.

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Cruiserweight Classic: Zack Sabre Jr. Already a Favourite to Win

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