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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Sean Maluta?

With WWE's Cruiserweight Classic coming soon, RealSport takes a look at one of the men involved, Sean Maluta.

As we draw closer to WWE’s much anticipated “Cruiserweight Classic” we here at Real Sport are taking a look at some of the competitors that WWE have handpicked from around the world.

Today the man in the spotlight is Sean Maluta.

Where He Wrestles

Sean Maluta has spent the majority of his blossoming career in World Xtreme Wrestling, based out of Pennsylvania, and has even held the promotion’s Cruiserweight Championship, Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Championship, and Television Championship. While he hasn’t extensively expanded his horizons just yet, wrestling is in this samoan’s blood. Yep, samoan. Maluta is yet another member of the Anao’i family, and the nephew of Wild Samoan Afa. Come on, you can’t have a “global” wrestling tournament without a member of wrestling’s biggest family.


Maluta’s style is not unlike that of his many many many relatives. While he does have a willingness to take flight, his technical and striking skill is what will serve him best with this upcoming challenge. The man often known as the “Samoan Dragon” also boasts a devastating Savate Kick that has can render almost anyone he goes up against unconscious in the blink of an eye. Oh, and expect a samoan drop. Maybe two.


Maluta is already an underdog, because anyone who is a member of the Anao’i family but isn’t yet a WWE Champion is probably doing something wrong. Plus, he’s facing Kota Ibushi in his first match. There’s no need to read spoilers to know how that’ll end.

Patches Chance

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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Sean Maluta?

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